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Macao Cantonese Chinese, Portuguese, English
Macedonia Macedonian (official), Albanian, Turkish, Serbo-Croatian
Madagascar Malagasy and French (co-official)
Madeira Islands, Portugal Portuguese (official)
Malawi English, Chichewa (co-official)
Malaysia Malay (official), English, Mandarin Chinese and Indian languages.
Maldives Divehi (official)
Mali French (official), Bambara and other native languages
Malta Maltese, English (co-official)
Manihi French, Tahitian
Marshall Islands English (official), Marshallese, Japanese
Martinique French, Martinique Creole
Mauritania Hassaniya Arabic, Wolof (co-official), Fulani, Soninke
Mauritius English (official), French Creole, Hindi, French
Mayotte French
McDonald Island Uninhabited
Melchior Island Southern Ocean - Antarctica
Mexico Spanish (official) and Amerindian languages
Micronesia English (official), Trukese, Ponapean and many other local languages.
Midway Islands English
Moldova Moldavian (official), Russian
Monaco French (official), English, Italian, Monegasque
Mongolia Mongolian (official), Kazakh
Montenegro Serbian/Jekavian dialect (official language).
Montserrat English
Moorea French, Tahitian
Morocco Arabic (official), Berber
Mozambique Portuguese (official), Makua, Malawi, Makonde, Shona, Tsonga (thonga), Yao
Myanmar Burmese (official),  Chin, Chingpaw, Hmong, Kachin, Karen, Mon, and Shan
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