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Namibia English (official), Afrikaans, German and native languages.
Nauru Nauruan (official), English
Nepal Nepali (official), Bihari Murmi , Newari, Tibetan
Netherlands Dutch (official)
Netherlands Antilles Dutch, Papiamento, Spanish, English, French
New Caledonia French (official), New Caledonian Javanese, Aji, Dehu, Nengone, Paic, Wallisian
New Zealand English and Maori (both official)
Newfoundland English
Nicaragua Spanish (official)
Nicobar Islands Bengali, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam
Niger French (official), Hausa, Djema, Fulani, Teda (Tibbu), Tuareg (Tamashek)
Nigeria English (official), Fulfulde, Hausa, Ibo, Yoruba
Niue Niue (official), English
North Korea Korean (official)
Northern Ireland English, Irish Gaelic
Northern Mariana Islands English, Chamorro, Carolinian
Norway Norwegian (official)
Nova Scotia English, French
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