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Pakistan English and Urdu (co-official), Baluchi, Panjabi, Western (Punjabi, Western), Pashtu, Saraiki , Sindhi
Palau English, Palauan (co-official), Angar, Japanese, Sonsorolese, and Tobi are official languages of various Palauan states.
Panama Spanish (official), English
Papua New Guinea English (official), Chimbu, Hagen, Motu, Pidgin English, Police Motu
Paraguay Spanish (official), Guarani, Plattdeutsch
Paulet Island Southern Ocean - Antarctica
Penguin Island Southern Ocean - Antarctica
Peru Spanish, Quechua (co-official), Aymara
Petermann Island Southern Ocean - Antarctica
Philippines English and Philipino (Tagalog) (co-official), Cebuano, Ilocano and many other languages throughout the islands.
Pitcairn Island English
Poland Polish (official)
Portugal Portuguese (official)
Prince Edward Island English French  (co-official)
Puerto Rico English, Spanish
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