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Saba Dutch
Sabah, Malaysia Malay (official), English, Mandarin Chinese and Indian languages.
Saint Kitts and Nevis English (official)
Saint Lucia English (official), Saint Lucian Creole
Samoa English, Samoan  (co-official)
San Marino Italian
São Tomé and Príncipe Portuguese (official)
Sarawak, Malaysia Malay (official), English, Mandarin Chinese and Indian languages.
Sardinia Italian (official), Catalan (town of Alghero), Sardinian
Sark English, French
Saudi Arabia Arabic (official)
Scotland English, Scottish Gaelic
Scott Island Southern Ocean - Antarctica
Senegal French (official),  Diola (Dyola),  Fulani, Malinke, Wolof and other native languages.
Serbia Serbo-Croatian
Seychelles English, French (co-official), French Creole
Shangri-La Mandarin Chinese, Tibetan
Shetland Islands English
Sicily Italian (official), Sicilian
Sierra Leone English (official), Krio, Mende, Temne and other native languages.
Singapore English, Mandarin Chinese, Malay, Tamil (all official)
Slovakia Slovak (official), Hungarian
Slovenia Slovenian (Slovene) (official), Serbo-Croatian
Solomon Islands English (official), Melanesian, Papuan, and other Polynesian languages.
Somalia Somali (official), Arabic, Italian, Oromo, English
South Africa Afrikaans, English, Ndebele, Pedi, Swazi, Sesotho, SiSwati, Sotho, Tswana, Venda, Xhosa, Zulu, and Fanakalo (a Zulu jargon spoken in the mines)
South Georgia Island English
South Korea Korean (official)
South Orkney Islands Southern Ocean - Antarctica
Scott Shetland Islands Southern Ocean - Antarctica
Spain Spanish (Castilian Spanish) (official), Catalan, Galician, Basque
Sri Lanka Sinhala (Sinhalese), Tamil (Sri Lanka dialect) (co-official), English
St._Barthelemy French (official), English
St. Croix English
St. Eustatius Dutch, Papiamento
St. Helena English
St. John English
St. Maarten Dutch, French, Spanish, English, Papiamento
St. Martin French, Dutch, English, French Creole
St. Pierre and Miquelon French
St. Thomas English
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines English (official)
Sudan  Arabic (official), Nubian, Beja, Dinka, Nuer and many other native languages
Sulawesi, part of Indonesia Bahasa Indonesian
Sumatra Bahasa Indonesian
Suriname Dutch (official), Sranang Tongo (Taki-Taki, Surinamese), English, Hindi
Swaziland SiSwati (Swazi), English (co-official)
Sweden  Swedish
Switzerland German, French, Italian, Romansch (all official) 
Syria Arabic (official), Armenian, Kurdish
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