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Phileas Fogg and Passepartout approach the Swiss Alps

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Adventure and Specialty Travel
Adventure Travel, also known as Specialty Travel, covers everything from deluxe safaris in Africa to backpacking along the Inca trail.  There are soft adventures where you visit exotic places without much discomfort and hard adventures where you are camping out in primitive conditions.  

There is also something called Adventure Sports which includes, in many cases, an individual effort such as bungee jumping and parachuting. But it also includes things normally considered just adventures such as white-water rafting. All these categories overlap.  We point you to some of the best super sites with extensive lists of adventure information and companies, as well as, some other interesting adventure-related sites.
Search The Web
Sometimes the fastest way to find specific adventures is just to do a web search. We suggest the following:

Using either adventure or adventures will give you the same results. You need to be as specific as possible.  This will usually mean your search should include the following combination of elements

Type of adventure:  hiking, climbing, kayaking, etc. (e.g. Kayaking in Alaska)

Location: this will be a country or place name.  Alternatively, the specific locale should be sufficient (e.g., hiking in Swiss Alps, etc.)

Travel mode:  independent travel, adventure trip, adventure tours, soft adventure, backpacking, camping, day hike

Cost: luxury, budget

Adventure company: If you have a specific adventure company in mind, of course include the name.

Overview and Related Topics

Wikipedia - Adventure Tourism.  Provides a brief overview of adventure tourism.

Google - Adventure Travel.  All the major adventure travel websites in in some of the first hits. They also have various adventure categories at the bottom of the first page of their search results that you can go to directly.

DMOZ - Adventure Specialty Travel Guides and DirectoriesThis is the Open Directory list of adventure websites.

Adventure Travel New Terms  National Geographic reviews some new Adventure travel terms.


Some related topics on our Travel Science web site

Destinations  Our Destinations page lists websites and adventure companies by regions of the world. 

African Safaris 
Our African Safari page will take you to some excellent web sites for travel to Africa. 
Travel Health 
and Adventure Health.  These two travel topics will help you start healthy and stay healthy!

Hiking and Camping.  These pages have extensive information on hiking and camping.
Click Here for Amazon.comWe drop you off at their Travel Books - Adventure category. Select a specialty category or use their search box to find a book covering a particular type of adventure and country or region of the world.  Include "Adventure Guide" in your search to improve responses.
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The Backpacker's Bible

Wildlife Adventures

Lonely Planet - A Year of Adventures

Adventure Travel

Gordon's Guide - Adventure Vacations

Travel DVDs

 Some Adventure Travel Websites
About.com - Adventure Travel.  A comprehensive adventure travel website.
Abercrombie & Kent. No section on adventure travel would be complete without the premier name in luxury adventure travel.  Every time we see the name we think of Gregory Peck and Susan Hayward in "The Snows of Kilimanjaro ". But they do wonderful trips and safaris all over the Planet Earth.
Adventure Center.  They have over 2,000 world-class adventure travel experiences to choose from at affordable prices.
Adventuredirectory.com.   Their Adventure Directory is the largest source of information on adventure travel we have found on the web. Select the activity you are interested from the pull-down menu.. 
Adventureguide.com. Captain Tony's Adventure Guide web site is one of the most popular adventure websites on the Internet. You'll enjoy it too for its comprehensive information.
Adventures in Good CompanyWomen  Excellent adventure travel website for women of all ages. 
Adventures To Go.  From vacations To Go, here is their adventure tour section.
American Museum of Natural History Discovery Tours   Excellent worldwide selection and a beautiful site.
Adventure Center.   They specialize in a few adventure companies that cover interesting places in the world. 
BootsnAll - Adventure Trips and Tours.   One of the top-rated sites on the web. Comprehensive, worldwide coverage.
TheBlueSpace.  They offer trekking, canyoning, white water rafting and mountaineering trips and expeditions in Nepal and Tibet.
GAP Adventures.   They specialize in small group outdoor adventure trips that take you off the beaten track to meet the locals who call it home in the global village.
Gordon's Guides.   A beautiful, comprehensive, easy-to-navigate website for adventure and active travel.
GORP -Adventure Vacations.   One of the top-rated sites on the web. Comprehensive, worldwide coverage.
Himalayan Travel.  An excellent site with Adventure Vacations worldwide, except for the U.S., Canada and Australia.
International Expeditions. They are a world leader in nature and eco-friendly travel and tours.
iExplore.com.  An excellent comprehensive adventure travel site that is associated with National Geographic.
Lindblad Expeditions  This is a very well-known name in adventure travel.
Lycos Adventure Travel Directory  Categories include Extreme Activities, Extreme Destinations and Extreme terrain.
Mountainzone.com. This site has up-to-date information on adventure sports events and individual efforts that are taking place worldwide.
National Geographic Adventure  As the name implies, an excellent source for adventure trips.
O.A.R.S.  An excellent adventure company with focus on outdoors sports such as sea kayaking, white-water rafting, and multi-sports activities at exotic locations in the world.
Outdoor-Resources.com  Extensive lists with links in many outdoor categories. Companies are listed in alphabetically order so when you are on a page, use your Edit-Find ()on this page) browser pulldown menu and type in the place you are interested in.
OuterQuest.  A beautiful, comprehensive website that has a great adventure travel planning and outdoor recreation guide! They feature many worldwide destinations and luxury accommodations. 
RealAdventures.  Hiking and Trekking adventure packages with worldwide coverage.
REI Adventures  This is the well-known REI outdoors company Adventure site.  It lists worldwide adventures covering bicycling, hiking, climbing, paddling, and wildlife field trips. 
Sierra Club - Outings.  A great organization. Here is their list of national trips with the United States. Click on International trips for their adventure trips worldwide.
Smithsonian Journeys - Travel Adventures.  This is the well-known U.S. Smithsonian Museum's Travel Adventure trips which will immerse you in a learning experience at an affordable price to exotic places around the world.
Specialty Travel Index  An excellent site with tour companies listed by country and activity (e.g., hiking, bird-watching, etc.). You can select a country and then an activity or start with an activity and see the countries that have tour companies for it.
Vantage Adventure   An excellent site covering adventure travel to all parts of the world.
Zeghram and Eco Expeditions.   Some of the more exotic expeditions from an adventure travel company specializing in expert-led adventure cruises and tours to remote places in the world, including the Arctic, Antarctica, and the South Pacific.
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