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Laptops, PDAs and Apple i-stuff
Tourists and travelers, whether traveling on business, on a vacation or on an adventure trip commonly take along some sort of device to electronically connect to the world.  Here we cover laptops, PDAs, including Palms and Blackberries, and the iPod and iPhone.  Cellphones, including web-enabled cellphones, and other communication devices and wireless networks are covered in other topics on the shelves of our Travel library as shown in the table below. All major travel sites support hand-held communication devices and wireless access is becoming more common each year in public places.  Wireless technology is also known as mobile technology.

We have already petitioned the Intergalactic Council on Planet Names to rename Planet Earth to Planet Wired at their next full council session.  Did you know we have been voted the most non-standardized planet in the galaxy for ten years in a row.  For those who want to find out How Stuff Works, this website explains everything about how technical gadgets work.

Here are the travel topics in our library to help wired travelers keep in touch with the world hum.  
Laptops, PDAs and i-stuff This is the page you are on now. Jump down to:
Wireless/Mobile Travel Informationsources of travel info for your mobile device.
Laptops what to look for, how to pick the best value and finding a good laptop store.
PDAsincluding Windows Pocket PC, Palm and Blackberry.
Apple iStuffApple's iPod and iPhone.
Cellphones and smartphones Websites that have comprehensive information on cellphones and cellphone providers including smartphones and international cellphones that are used in other countries.
Cybercafes They are everywhere around the world and many of them now have wireless connections.
International Phone Service See our  page on making calls to and from the United States and between countries either using a regular phone or a cellphone.  You have options galore and there are some you probably didn't know about.
Electricity Well, you are going to have to recharge your device sometime! Better make sure your device can run on 110v and 220v systems or you will need an electricity adaptor. Regardless, you will probably need to buy a set of electric plugs as those electric outlets you plug things into come in all sizes and shapes depending on where you are in the Global Village.
Road Warriors Resources for road warriors - those intrepid business people always on the go.
World TV Sources for worldwide TV stations that broadcast on the web.
WiFi Information about finding Wifi networks worldwide.
World Radio Sources for worldwide radio stations that broadcast on the web.
Wireless/Mobile News and Travel Information  

Google:   Mobile Travel Information  and  Wireless Travel Information

MTRVL.com - Mobile Travel Aide   Easy Access to Information for the Mobile Traveler™
Wcities.com.  They have an excellent series of tourist guides for cities worldwide that you can access with your PDA or web-enabled cellphone. 

 ● USA
 ● Europe


Cellphones use http://hdml.wcities.com    PDAs use 
Cellphones use http://wap.wcities.com     PDAs use  http://wap.wcities.com

Timeout.com - Mobile.  Here is a good source for city guides for major cities of the world designed for your mobile device.

MobileTravelBuddy.  One of the best websites we have found with local travel information for world travelers. Travel Buddy has local travel guide for places all over the world on your mobile phone or PDA- an indispensable travel expert in your pocket. Not only does it provide you with local information specific to your destination, it also keeps you up to date with news from back home.  Anyone can use Travel Buddy regardless of their mobile type or service provider
FAA Airport Status and Delays - Wireless Service. This link will take you to the FAA Aviation Information System (AIS) where you can subscribe to get real-time operating status and delay information for the nation's largest airports sent directly to your wireless device (e.g., pager, cell or mobile phone, PDA or e-mail client). 
Google Mobile Phone Maps  Display Google maps on your cell or smart phone, or PDA including the Palm and Blackberry.
Innovateonline.com.  Here is a list of news and sports sites that have special websites for cellphones and PDAs.
Vindigo.  Applications and city guides for smartphones.

Google - Best Laptops.
Smartguider.  Top laptops based on popularity scores.
CNET Reviews - Laptops
Fodor's - Traveling with a laptop.  Good advice from laptop users when taking your laptop on a trip. Here are some short articles on related topics on their website:  their picks for the best laptops, at the security checkpoint with your laptops
RoadNews.com - Extensive tips and tricks for travelers with laptops.
5 Star Support for laptops  A good resources for finding a repair place while on the road and other support information.
Personal Data Assistants
Websites that cover all types of PDAs

Consumer Reports - PDAs.  Expert buying advice and information on PDAs.
Smarterguider.com - PDA.  This is the Smarterguider.com PDA section of their website. They have excellent coverage of PDAs. Includes product ratings.
PDABuzz.Com. Another good comprehensive site for PDA and Palm users.  All the latest "buzz".  They have a nice categorized Links Page including links to Other PDA Sites who are their competitors!  They must have watched the film "Miracle on 34th Street." It is a nice gesture. 
PDACity.  They list the top PDA websites and products.
Windows Pocket PC
Google - Best PocketPC Websites. Good list of the best PocketPC websites.
PocketPC Magazine - Best Sites  The most extensive list of sites for Windows Powered Pocket PCs, Handheld PCs, and Smartphones.
PocketPCPassion.com.    An excellent site covering the Windows PocketPC with comprehensive coverage and links.  Includes the latest PocketPC news.
PocketPC For You.com.  An extensive list of the top PocketPC Websites.

Google - Best Palm PDA Websites. Good list of the best Palm websites.
PDACity - Top Palm Websites.  They have a good list of Palm PDA websites.
Palm.com   This is the Palm company website. 

Palmthing.com  The Palm company's fancy catalog - Explore Palm things, See Palm products, Buy a Palm.
PalmInfoCenter.  This is an excellent, comprehensive site for anyone interested in the Palm computer.  

Blackberry.com  This is the place.
Google Search- Buy A Blackberry  Links to Blackberry websites. Also in the list are some websites that have opinions about whether to buy a Blackberry.

Psionteklogix.   All about Psion PDAs.

Apple i-Phone and iPod  

Wikipedia - iPod. Excellent article about the iPod with good reference and external links.
Google Search - Apple iPod. For those going shopping for one.
Apple Store - Shop for iPods.  This is the iPod section of the official Apple Store.
How Stuff works - The iPod.  A good explanation of how it works for non-technical people.
Taking your iPhone overseas?  Be aware! Here are a few articles: iphoneatlas.com and iphonetopic.com

Wikipedia - iPhone.  Excellent article about this phone with good reference and external links.
Google Search - Apple iPhone.  For those going shopping for one.
Apple Store - Shop for iPhones  This is the iPhone section of the official Apple Store.
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