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Currency Conversion
Most travel agency sites include a currency converter as a standard feature. Here are some direct links to currency converters and information on taking money abroad. Some sites have cheat sheets which are little pocket-sized conversion tables you can print out and put in your wallet or purse. Some also allow historical conversions which might come in handy, for example when you return from a trip and have to submit a trip report for your company or your tax return. You can enter the date of the purchase and se the exchange rate for that date. Try them and pick the one you like.
Concierge Currency Converter.  Easy, standard one, two, three step process - you'll be done in seconds. Beautiful page.
Expedia Currency Converter.  One of the best currency converters on the web, if not the best! 
Universal Currency Converter This one is provided by Xenon Laboratories.
Oanda  They are a major currency converter company. They include cheat sheets. They have a separate gallery of currency photos.
TravLang's Currency Converter.  Another one you might want to try. A really neat feature is they show you color photographs of what the paper currency and coins look like for the currencies you have selected to convert, plus other tips that may make it easier for you. You first select the two currencies you want to convert and when you click the Submit button, you are taken to another page where you enter the amount to convert. (You have to scroll down past the commercials and it is not as elegant as other websites. But it is the only one we have found with the currency and coin pictures shown for the specific conversion you are doing.)

Some Currency Converters

Some Online Converters Oanda
includes cheat sheets

American Express
uses Oanda

Tourists to Europe

XE-Any Currency
Concierge Expedia TravLang Travel Channel
Some Downloadable Converters
for computers and PDAs

Windows PCs


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