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Phileas Fogg and Passepartout approach the Swiss Alps

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On-Line Translation Dictionaries

There are a variety of free on-line translation dictionaries as well as commercial translation dictionary products.
All our country, place and city pages list the languages spoken there cross-linked to our language page for each language. Our language pages have links to free online language lessons as well as commercial products for that language you can order online. All our major language pages also have a link to an English-2nd Language dictionary translator, if one is available, for that language. 

If you want to find the largest selection of language products available (almost 1,000 languages), visit
WorldLanguage.com, the Ultimate Language Store.

Wikipedia's Translation Dictionary topic is an excellent article with links to known translation dictionaries.
 Free Translation Dictionaries
  • Your Dictionary.com.  An excellent resources for all types of dictionaries. They have dictionaries for over 250 languages.  Here is their Language Dictionary section.
  • Yahoo - Translation Dictionaries. They have an excellent list of translation dictionary websites.  They also have a free online text translation service where you can quickly translate text between 2 languages.
  • Google - Translation Dictionaries. Another excellent list of translation dictionary websites. Notice that of a search result is a website in another language from your own that you will see [Translate this page] in brackets right after the title of the search result.  Click on it to open the website already translated to your language. Any other pages on that website will also be automatically translated as you go to them.  Pretty neat stuff.  They do a reasonable translation job and you can almost always understand the meaning, but no automatic translation is perfect.
  • Google Directory of Translation Dictionary Websites. An excellent list of websites that offer both free and commercial, online and downloadable software, multi-language dictionaries.  To find one for your language pair, use your browser's Find on this Page menu item and enter the names of the two languages you want to translate between.
  • AltaVista Babblefish. Click on this link and go to a fill in form to quickly translate any text between many different languages.
  • The Alternative Dictionaries. This is a series of dictionaries with slang expressions and "bad expressions and words" in a language with the English definitions. We recommend that you never use "bad language" especially when you are traveling and even more so when you are in another country with a different culture and language.  But, it is helpful to know when someone is swearing at you or calling you bad names to see how upset they are although you can usually tell this by the facial expressions, body gestures and tone of vice, except for certain waiters who may insult you in the kindest way.
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