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Yes, you can still enjoy your vacation and yet be friendly to Mother Earth and to local communities you visit.  Here are some website to help you do that.  Is the hotel you're staying at "Green"? To find out, see our Green Hotels box at the bottom of this page.  
If you want to use a search engine to find eco-friendly yours, accommodations or activities, enter the name of the place, activity and words like ecotourism, eco-tours, eco-travel or eco-friendly.
Eco-Friendly Travel, Tours, and Accomodations
DMOZ Open Directory - Ecotourism Directory.  The most comprehensive list of ecotourism companies, organizations on the web.
Orbitz - Ecotourism. Thank you Orbitz for starting an Ecotourism section on your website to allow your customers to choose an eco-friendly vacation and to let them choose to select an eco-friendly hotel.
EcoTour Directory. One of the most comprehensive directories of eco-tour vacations, tours and trips on the web and easy to navigate.
Responsible Travel. Recommended by Travel and Leisure for their comprehensive eco-travel information and over 200 screened tour companies.  They are committed to changing the tourism industry. They provide "holidays with more of the good and less of the bad" and our friendly to Mother Earth as well as local communities. 
Journeys.org.  They offer worldwide eco-friendly adventure tours and were a Conde Nast Traveler magazine 2005 Green List Honoree.
Gordon's Guide - Adventure and Active Travel - EcoTourism.  Excellent list of eco-adventures worldwide. A beautiful site.
Planeta.Com  This website provides resources for travelers and locals alike with a common vision of eco-friendly, people-friendly, place-friendly travel.
Planeta.com World Travel Directory  This is Planeta.com's World Travel Directory with a list of worldwide ecotourism operators who have eco-friendly, people-friendly, and place-friendly operations.  Listed by continent and country.
EcoTourism Ring.  This site has a comprehensive list of eco-friendly tours, operators, and accommodations. Use their Search box to search the EcoTourism Webring for the place you plan to visit.  We suggest you include the name of the place or activity or use the words accommodations or hotels to find good results.
Ecotour.org.  This is Conservation International's section on ecotourism.  Their Destinations page lists eco-friendly tours worldwide.
Ecovolunteer Vacations
Google - Ecovolunteer.  An excellent list of organizations to help you find an eco-volunteer vacation.
EarthShareThis is a federation of environmental and conservation groups. An excellent site that includes a section on environmental volunteering.
Ecotourism Industry Organizations
Ecotourism.org.   This is the website of The International Ecotourism Society (TIES) dedicated to uniting conservation, communities and sustainable travel.
World Heritage Alliance.  The WHA is an initiative of Expedia, Inc. and the United Nations Foundation to promote sustainable tourism and awareness of World Heritage sites and communities around the world. Members believe a "...conscientious effort by the travel industry and its customers can contribute directly to nature conservation, historic preservation, and poverty reduction through responsible tourism."
Ecotourism Resource Center.  This site in Australia has an excellent list and links to worldwide associations, societies, organization and cooperative groups involved in ecotourism.
Sustainable Travel International.  They promote responsible travel and ecotourism, support sustainable tourism development, and help travelers and travel providers to protect the cultures and environments they visit.

How Green is the hotel you are staying at?

Greenhotels.com They have member hotels who have agreed to their standards. Unfortunately, they presented the entire list on a single page the last time we checked so if you have a dial-up connection, it may not be worth the wait.
EnvironmentallyfriendlyHotels.com Find environmentally friendly hotels using their search box with either a basic or advanced search.  They also have links to other hospitality websites with information on eco-friendly accommodations. 
GreenVacationHub.com Best. most comprehensive website we have found for finding an eco-friendly hotel, B&B, inn or other accommodations.
Orbitz - Eco-friendly Hotels Thank you Orbitz for joining the green travel revolution.
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