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Fighter and Other Combat Flights
Ever dream about being a fighter pilot?  Well, you can.  There are a number of companies that offer fighter flights in the United States, Australia, Russia and South Africa. It's expensive but available if you have the money and are in reasonable physical condition.

For those who would like to fly in a vintage World War II bomber, that's possible also.

If you can't afford the real thing, you can probably afford the next best thing - a high-fidelity virtual fighter simulator you can climb in and be a combat pilot.  Or maybe you just like to fly a PC flight simulator and do combat with others on the web. 

We have links to a number of good websites to start your adventure.
Fighter and Combat Rides Directories
We only list a few of the companies that offer combat flights below. Use these two directories to find more flight companies.

Thirtythousandfeet.com - Fighter and Warbird Rides.  This is their page with information on flight simulation websites from PC flight sims to actual cockpit simulators you can fly in. An excellent website.

DMOZ - Experience Military Flights Directory.  A good list of websites that offer military combat flights.

Hunter Tourist - Fighter Aircraft Flights.   Located in new South Wales, Australia they provide a variety of air experiences including flights in a T-28 Trojan, piston engine, fighter bomber that was used in Vietnam for air-to-ground missions and in the L-39 jet fighter.  No pilotís license is required for guest pilots. 
International Fighter Flight Centre (IFFC)  They offer rides in the L39 Albatros, the BAC 167 Strikemaster Jet MK 88 and CT4 - Fighter Trainer.
Incredible Adventures - Air Combat  They offer jet fighter rides in the USA, Russia and South Africa.
Flymig.com  Moscow, St. Petersburg. They offer flights in a number of Russian fighter aircraft including the MIG-25, MIG-29 and SU-30 (the 2-seater version of the SU-27). 
South Africa
Thunder City.  Cape Town, South Africa.  They offer rides in the English Electric Lightning, BAe Buccaneer and Hawker Hunter.
United States

Air Combat USA.   Air Combat USA is a civilian dog fighting school where guest pilots can fly real military fighters with licensed fighter pilots in the cockpit with you. All aircraft are outfitted with high-end digital multi-camera systems to capture your fighter pilot experience. No pilotís license is required for the guest pilots. You will experience air combat including detecting, tracking and simulated firing at targets.
Fighter Simulators
The next best thing to taking an actual fighter flight or engaging in mock combat in real fighter aircraft is to get in a high-fidelity fighter simulator and engage in air combat. In fact, in the simulator you will have the experience of actually firing your weapons and shooting down other aircraft.

Thirtythousandfeet.com - Flight Simulation.  This is their page with information on flight simulation websites from PC flight sims to actual cockpit simulators you can fly in. An excellent website.
Flight Deck Air Combat Center  Anaheim California, USA They are located in
YouAreTheCaptain.com Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, USA. This site offers people the chance to fly a state of the art B-737 Flight Simulator.   A great experience for anyone who wondered what it would be like to pilot a commercial jet.  

Air Museums

Thirtythousandfeet.com - Air Museums  They have the most extensive collection of links to air museums of anyone we have found on the web.
Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum.  Washington, DC.
Flyingzone  Air Museums and air shows.
Air Museums Worldwide  Listed by USA state and for Canada and the rest of the world.
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