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Here are some sites where you can get real-time flight and airport status information. Most major online travel agencies also offer this service. Real-time flight information provided by FAA to various real-time flight tracking systems are normally delayed a few minutes for security reasons.  They all let you search by airline, flight number and date.
Flight Explorer.  Flight Tracker and Airport Delays. View live flight tracking information of both United States and international flights.  They also has a map of FAA airport delays in the United States.
Thirtythousandfeet.com.  This is their Aviation Directory with the best list we have found of real-time flight status information including a display of flights over North America and links to flight tracking systems worldwide. 
FlightAware.  Flight Tracker. View live flight tracking information of flights overlaid on a map and other flight information.
Flytecomm.  Flight Tracker.  Realtime tracking of any flight arriving or departing the United States or Canada. You can search by a specific airline, a specific arrival or departure airport or a specific flight number.
Gmaps Flight Tracker.  Flight Tracker.  Inbound flights to major airports in real-time overlaid on a Google Map of the airport area.
Air Traffic Control System Command Center.  Airport Delays. This is the FAA Site that provides real-time information on delays being experienced at major airports in the United States for arriving and departing flights.  This is the best place to find out what the delay situation is at an airport.
USAToday Travel Flight CenterFlight Tracker and Airport Delays.  One of the best websites for real-time status information on airport delays and flight tracking.
FlightArrivals.com.  Here is the most comprehensive, independent flight status site on the Internet. This nicely designed site provides real-time arrival, departure and schedule change information for all flights within and into and out of the United States and Canada. Plus it has the present delay status at 40 major U.S. airports. Information is updated every four minutes.  They have many search options to find the flight you are interested in.
FlightViewFlight Tracker.  This is another good real-time tracking systems for flights in the United States.
Yahoo! Check Flight Time. Flight Tracker. They use the FlightTracker software and have a nice clean user interface.
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