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Frequent Flyer Programs
Almost all airlines have frequent flyer programs. Major online travel agencies such as Travelocity and Expedia also have Frequent Flyer sections where you can track your miles. Below are listed some of the most popular websites that offer information of interest to frequent flyers and that will track, manage, and tell you about offers related to spending those miles.  Today, you can accumulate and spend miles from airlines, hotels, car rentals, and many other sources. 
Some of the airlines are now offering "goods" for miles where you can trade in your miles for points toward buying "stuff".  These include Delta, American Airlines, Northwest, Continental, USAir and TWA. 
Milepoint.com also offers this type of service for some of the airlines mentioned above, as well as, for Hilton HHonors.  Most frequent flyer programs also let you donate miles to your favorite charity.

Wikipedia has a good article on Frequent Flyer Programs.

Some Good Frequent Flyer Sites

DMOZ Open Directory - Frequent Flyers. They have the most extensive list of frequent flyer websites we have found on the Internet.
FrequentFlier.com. An excellent site for frequent flyer information and advice.  They have a free email newsletter called the FrequentFlier Crier. They also have a Frequent Flier Forum, Polls and advice on choosing a Frequent Flyer Program.  A nice clean interface that is easy-to-navigate.
GlobalFlight.net. They link to all Frequent Flyer Programs and have great information on getting the most out of a frequent flyer program.
InsideFlyer  They are related to WebFlyer. Besides their magazine, here is their online site. They and their other site - WebFlyer are inter-related sites covering everything of interest to frequent flyers. Homepage content for the two sites are basically identical.
Maxmiles.com  Another excellent frequent flyer management website.
Points.com  Another good site that will help you earn, redeem, track and make maximum use of your frequent flyer miles.
WebFlyer  They are the Web's Frequent Flyer authority and true to their name they cover everything a frequent flyer wants to know. They are also a good source of the latest information on discounts being offered to any traveler by the airlines. They also have programs that let you track your mileage.  They are inter-related with Inside Flyer.

For People Who Live To Earn Frequent Flyer Miles.

Here are two sites: MyPoints and ClickRewards that let you earn frequent flyer miles for completing surveys or buying stuff online. We will let you know when you can earn frequent flyer miles by buying bathroom tissue or making a church donation! Don't worry, this is coming!
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