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Holidays, Festivals, Carnivals, and Cultural Events
There is always something happening somewhere on the planet Earth to take our mind away from wars and violence.  Here are websites that will help you find an event you are interested in worldwide. If you are looking for aSports event, visit our Sports Travel page. Here is the link to Ticketmaster.
Earth Calendar  A beautiful, simple website where you can search for holidays by country, date or religion.
Oanda World Holidays  Another easy-to-use website to search for holidays observed by countries of the world.
JourneyMart.com Holidays  A very nice way to present the holidays in a country.
Bank and Other Holidays  This website lists holidays worldwide including those where banks will be closed in a country. (Not all holidays include the government or banks closing for the day.)  They have a map which flashes to indicate where public holidays are occurring in the world today.
Google - World Holidays  This is Google search results for "World Holidays".
Cultural Events
Yahoo! Entertainment Directory.  Excellent event categories.
The Worldwide Holiday and Festival Site.  This is, we believe, the best site on the web for information on the holidays and festivals of each country of the world. You select a country and then you are shown the dates of all the holidays and festivals during the year.  What makes this especially nice is that you can click on the name of the holiday or festival and find out all about it. Very thoughtful!
Festivals.com.  The best website we have found for finding festivals throughout the world.
WhatsonWhen.  The local guide for the global traveler. You can search by country and cities to see what is happening locally.
Events Worldwide.  Select a general or specific type of event, a region of the world or a specific country and the start and end dates you are looking for events that fit your criteria.
World Events Calendar.  They have extensive list by country of different events.
Carnivals of the World.  This is the best site we have found for information on carnivals that take place in the following cities - Toronto, London, New York, New Orleans, San Francisco, Rio De Janeiro, and Salvador.
Sports Events
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