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Home, Apartment and Vacation Exchanges
This is also referred to as house swapping and is a real money-saver for people on a budget or who just want to have a more personal experience in another place. You arrange with someone to live in their home (or apartment) while they live in yours for a vacation stay. A good way to find out what's out there is, of course, to surf the web. (The last time we typed in "Home Exchanges" using a search engine, we got over 49 million hits!

There are two options: (1) join a club and pay an annual fee  (typically $30 to $90) to find a home exchange using their directory or (2) find a web site where you only pay to list your home but anyone can scan the listings and exchange homes without paying a fee. In most cases you communicate directly with the owner.  Some have printed directories and some let you use their web site to search for homes. Some sites and directories include photos. Website listings have privacy because you only get their email address and not the actual street address until you contact the owner.  People exchange homes all over the world.  If you have a timeshare you would like to exchange, see our
Timeshare exchange page.

Home Exchange Guide.  Read the Intervac Home Exchange Visitor Tour if you are new to home exchanges. Budget Travel also has a good article on home exchanges that covers the basics although it is a few years old.

Searching the Web.  Sometimes the easiest thing to do is to just enter the name of a country or city you want to stay in followed by the words home exchange or vacation exchange.

Handicapped Home Exchanges.  There are many websites with information on handicapped home exchanges.

Amazon.com.  You can buy a book on vacation home exchanges at Amazon.com or any of the other online booksellers.



Some Sites that Have Lists of Home Exchange Clubs
Know Your Trade-Home Exchange Review This is the best place to look over a list of home exchange websites worldwide.  Their list of home exchange clubs is comprehensive and up to date.  They have also categorized them by country and Number of Listings> Also see their home page for information about home swapping.
DMOZ Open Directory - Home Exchanges Excellent list of home exchange websites worldwide.
Home Exchange Agencies The British Tourist Authority (BTA) site in Great Britain has done an excellent job of listing Home Exchange agencies by country with phone numbers, email and street addresses and links to their web sites. (Not all have web sites).
Yahoo! Home Exchange Directory A comprehensive list of home exchange sources on the web.

Some Home Exchange Clubs
in alphabetical order

Geenee A beautiful website with Excellent worldwide coverage.
Global Home Exchange Excellent website with worldwide coverage. You pay for listing your home but can search their listings for free.
Home Base Holidays Located in London, England.
HomeExchange.com A very nice website with good navigation. You only pay if you are listing your own home. Otherwise just browse their listings by country and city.
HomeExchangeVacation.com Worldwide, easy to navigate site.
Homelink International Worldwide. The largest home exchange service with over 15,000 members spread over 50 countries They have been around since 1960. Choose the country you are living in to be directed to their website in your native language.
International Home Exchange Network Worldwide.
Intervac Online Worldwide. The majority of their listings are in Western and Eastern Europe but they also cover other parts of the world.
Invented City Home Exchange Worldwide.  Invented City Home Exchange is one of the oldest home exchange organizations and provides a website with thousands of listings, updated daily.
Only In America Home Exchange For citizens within the Continental United States, its Territories, Canada, Hawaii, Mexico, and the Caribbean. Free listing.
Trading Homes International Worldwide.
The Invented City Worldwide.
The Vacation Exchange Worldwide. They are the only home exchange service that lists only vacation homes (i.e., 2nd homes such as a summer home) for swaps. 
ExchangeHomes.com Worldwide. They are one of the largest and most respected home exchange clubs around. Over 14 year promoting economical, earth-friendly travel, worldwide.

Senior Home Exchanges

Google Senior Home Exchange Search An excellent list of resources for teachers who want to exchange homes.
Senior Home Exchange Worldwide. This is the only site we have found exclusively for people over 50 who want to exchange homes for vacations. It is not confined to houses or second homes, but also includes the exchange of your motor home or caravan. They also let you list non-exchange commercial travel accommodations.

Teacher Home Exchanges

Google Teacher Home Exchange Search An excellent list of resources for teachers who want to exchange homes.
The Teachers Home Exchange For active and retired teachers.
Teacher Swap Worldwide. You must be a teacher to swap homes. They have listings all over the world with many in France.  They are located in Long Island, New York.
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