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House Sitting
House sitting (or housesitting) is where you either stay in a person's house or you visit their house each day to make it looked lived-in and to take care of some maintenance tasks while the owner is away such as on vacation. Some services combine house and pet sitting.  This is also known as caretaking and homesitting. The person who does this task is known as a house sitter, caretaker or homesitter.  Companies that have full-time employees that check your home are called house checkers. Wikipedia has an article on House Sitting.
Most of the websites we list here will let you register to be a house sitter or let you find a house sitter to watch your home. We indicate this by
Search (search for a housesitter) and Register (register to be a housesitter). Also see our Pet Travel topic if you are looking for a pet sitter.

Search the Web
 If you need a  Enter what you need, the city, state/province and country
  house sitter  need housesitter Atlanta Georgia USA
  pet sitter  need pet sitter London U.K.
  house and pet sitter  need house and pet sitter Sydney Australia



HouseCarers.com Search/Register. This is one of the two best and most comprehensive sites we have found that covers housesitting worldwide (Caretaker Gazette is the other site).  HouseCarers.com  guides you through the process of matching a homeowner with a housesitter.  Housesitters list their preferences though an easy registration process.  Homeowners contact sitters through a confidential message system.
Caretaker Gazette Search/Register. This is a unique newsletter containing property caretaking and housesitting opportunities. They have sample listings and information on their website. The Caretaker Gazette is a bi-monthly publication with listings, advice, and information for property caretakers, housesitters, and landowners. It's the only publication in the world dedicated to the property caretaking field.
House Sit Ads.com  Search/Register.  They have worldwide coverage.
Houseitworld.com  Search/Register.  They have worldwide coverage.
Houseminders.com  Search/Register.  Housesitting service for Australia.
Housecheckerusa.com.  House Checker. This is a house checking service.  They employ former law enforcement personnel to check your home periodically.  They also open and close your property to let service personnel in and perform other services.
HomeandPetSitters.com USA Search/Register.  They offer both pet and house sitter services.
 United Kingdom

Homesitters  Search/Register An excellent site for those living in the U.K. who want to be a homesitter or need a homesitter.
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