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Last Minute Travel
Waiting until the last minute to travel? Down to the wire? Expecting to get a better deal and lower price? You may or may not - it all depends!  Almost every plane has unsold airline seats, cruise lines have cabins that are empty, and motorcoach tours have unfilled seats that haven't been sold as the departure date approaches. If you have some flexibility in your travel plans, take advantage of their need to fill those empty places in their profit picture.  We list some last minute websites for various travel categories.

Since there is no legal definition as far as we know for using the term "last minute deals", it is difficult to determine whether the price quoted is a deal due to a company having unsold seats or cabins as the departure date approaches or because the website has already purchased the seats or cabins at a discount from a company and are reselling them. If the website selling the last minute deals is the company itself, chances are they do, in fact, have unsold seats or cabins they are trying to sell as a departure date approaches. In any event, the price will be better than the normal price. 

As far as air travel, i
f you are booking a flight the same day you are traveling, or within a week of your departure date, you will pay big bucks. If you can travel at off-hours you may get a break but don't expect any breaks on same day travel on most airlines regardless of the time of day.  See our Standby Flight Strategies box at the bottom of this page.
Search The WebSometimes the fastest way to find a last minute deal is to do your own web search. We suggest you include the words last minute deals along with what you are looking for such as:  Last minute deals Caribbean cruises. If you don't find worthwhile links then be less specific such as: Last minute deals cruises.


 Last Minute Travel
These websites either offer last minute deals in many travel categories or list websites that offer last minute travel deals.
Find Last minute Travel Deals using:  Google Yahoo! Search MSN Live Search AOL Search  Ask Dogpile
Yahoo Travel - Last Minute Deals. They have last minute deals in many categories.
American Express Last Minute Specials  They have last minute deals in many categories.
AOL Travel - Last Minute Deals.   A good selection featuring information from Travelocity.
Expedia - Last Minute Deals  They have last minute deals in many categories.
LastMinute.com  Last minute travel bargains for those living in selected countries.
LastMinuteTravel.com  They specialize in last minute airline tickets and other travel packages. 
Priceline.com - Last Minute Deals  This is their Last Minutes Deals page covering airlines, vacations, hotels and car rentals.
Sherman's Top 25 Travel Deals.  Editor picks of last minute deals from Expedia, Travelocity, Priceline, Orbitz and other travel web sites.
Travelocity Last Minute Deals.  An excellent selection from one of the premier travel websites.
TripSpot Last Minute Deals.  Excellent links to websites offering last minute deals in many categories.
 Last Minute Air Travel   See our Standby Flight Strategy box at the bottom of this page. Here is a good article about last minute airline tickets.
Find Last minute Travel Deals using:  Google Yahoo! Search MSN Live Search AOL Search  Ask Dogpile
AirTech.com  A good source of worldwide last minute travel deals, especially airline flights.
TravelFleaMarket.com  Another comprehensive site that covers all categories of last minute travel.  They have a nice, clean, well-organized interface.
Last Minute Airline Tickets.  They have excellent information on last minute airline tickets.
Site 59  Last minute weekend getaways and vacation package deals. Select a departure city and destination o Sun & Beach, International, etc.
 Last Minute Cruises
Find Last Minute Cruise Deals using:  Google Yahoo! Search MSN Live Search AOL Search  Ask Dogpile
VacationsToGo.com. Save up to 75% on last minute cruise deals. 
Cruise411.  Last Minute Cruise Deals Cruise deals for travel within the next 30 to 45 days.
 Last Minute Tours
 Some tour companies are now offering last-minute deals to fill up Motorcoach tours and river cruises that are nearing their departure dates.
 If they have a separate page for their last minute discounts, we link you directly to that page.  Otherwise, we take you to their home page.
Find Last Minute Tour Deals using:  Google Yahoo! Search MSN Live Search AOL Search  Ask Dogpile
GoAheadTours.com  Last Minute Deals.  Go Ahead Tours is a well-known leader of escorted  tours with a focus on "cultural discovery".
Collette Vacations  Travel Deal of the Week.  This is a well-known tour company that is now offering deals on soon-to-depart tours.   They offer several dozen travel deals with savings up to $500 per person.
Grand Circle Travel  The tour deals on shown on their home page.  You can save over a $1000 on some tours.
 Last Minute Vacations
Find Last Minute Vacation Deals using:  Google Yahoo! Search MSN Live Search AOL Search  Ask Dogpile

11th Hour Vacations  This is one of the most comprehensive web site we have found that covers last minute travel, especially for vacation packages
Expedia - Last Minute Deals.  Deals from one of the two premier travel websites.
How2Vacation.com-Deals This is their Travel Deals page that coves vacation package, hotel, vacation rental and cruise deals.
Travelocity - Last Minute Vacation Deals.  A good selection of last minute vacation deals.
Orbitz - Vacation Deals.  This is the Orbitz Vacation Deals page.
VacationIdea.com  This is their Last Minute Vacation Deals section with some worldwide choices.
VacationOutlet.com - Last Minute Vacations. They have handpicked top last-minute deals for both weekend getaways and extended vacations.
 Last Minute Weekend Getaways
Find Last Minute Weekend Getaway Deals using:  Google Yahoo! Search MSN Live Search AOL Search  Ask Dogpile
About - Last Minute Getaways  Good links to websites with bargain weekend getaway deals.

TripSpot.com - Last Minute Bargains.  Excellent links to websites with weekend getaway deals.
Radisson Hotels.   (hotel)  Although selections are limited, they offer web deals for short-notice weekend stays. These are posted on Wednesdays.

Standby Flight Strategies

Flying standby is no longer going to the airport and hoping to get a discounted seat on a specific flight that you think might have available seats. Instead, it is going on an earlier flight than the one you are scheduled for on the same day.
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