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Phileas Fogg and Passepartout approach the Swiss Alps

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The world of travel is basically divided into two major segments -leisure travel and business travel.  The first time we typed in the words "Leisure Travel" in quotation marks in a search engine back in 2002 we got about 10,000 hits! In 2007, the same test yielded 1,750,000 hits! It doesn't serve much purpose to search for leisure travel on the web although if you include some other words like a specific place or time of year or  type of package, this may help you find some web sites of interest. Of course, if you include words like vacation, visit or sightseeing, you don't need to include the words leisure travel.  Some examples: Budget Hotels Bermuda Vacation August 2007 Visit Paris Autumn 2007, Sightseeing in Bangkok 2008.

We made it a travel topic because everyone expects to find Leisure Travel in a list of travel topics.  All online and brick and mortar travel agencies handle leisure travel and almost all handle business travel as well.  Most online travel agencies will have a Leisure travel section as a category on their home page. 

We can save you some time in finding a leisure activity or vacation package. Just go to our Travel Topics Index and click on a leisure activity you are interested in or go to our list of online travel agencies.  We list over a hundred leisure travel topics. All travel topic links are hand-picked.  We list all the major online travel agencies, as well as, some others that have useful features or that specialize in certain leisure activities.

Enjoy your stay on this planet at least part of the year!


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