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Luxury Trains

Here are links to some of the most well-known and popular luxury train journeys in the world. Regular train service also exists for many of these routes. Fares are usually per person, double-occupancy and vary by season and service class.  Many of these rail journeys include excursions along the route and some are a combination of train, ship and air travel. You can find detailed descriptions of these luxury trains from numerous tour companies, as well as, any official website for a specific luxury train. 

Some luxury train trip tours may include airfare and hotel accommodations as part of the journey but you can almost always just purchase the train journey itself separately. However, getting a package does reduce take the planning time if you are going to put it together on your own. We have links below to some of the tour companies and official websites. 

Searching the Web

If you want to broaden your search for a website with online reservations, background information and bookings for your chosen train to compare prices and other differences, use the name of the train and the words: reservations bookings tickets.  Don't hesitate to send an email or phone them to ask detailed questions.  Also, passengers may have first-person stories to tell about their journey on the train which they are sharing via a travel blog or discussion forum.  To search for stories, again use the name of the train and terms like blog, personal story or forum
The Society of International Railway Travelers (IRT) has a wealth of information about rail travel worldwide, as well as, their own luxury train tours.


Train Name



 Cape to Cairo*



Cape Town South Africa - Cairo Egypt  (train, boat, plane)
Reservations and Bookings  CapetoCairo.com


 Eastern & Oriental



Bangkok Thailand - Singapore Singapore  (and reverse direction)
Thailand - Chiang Mai Thailand
Reservations and Bookings
Eastern & Orient Express


 The Overland



Australia's Great Train Rides
The Overland:
Melbourne - Adelaide
The-Ghan: Sydney or Melbourne - Alice Springs.
Reservations and Bookings   Indian-Pacific    The Overland    The-Ghan


The Canadian

Route Video - Royal Canadian Pacific


Luxury service is called Silver & Blue Class.
Reservations and Bookings   The Canadian   VIA Rail Canada
Rocky Mountaineer
Route Video - Rocky Mountaineer Background Wikipedia
Vancouver- Jasper
   Vancouver - Calgary
   Vancouver - Banff
   and also in reverse order.
Reservations and Bookings   Rocky Mountaineer

 China to Russia

 Nostalgic Istanbul
 Orient Express

Route Background Wikipedia
Beijing to Moscow
Reservations and Bookings:  Rex Travel

The British Pullman
 The Royal Scotsman
Route Background Wikipedia
British Pullman individual trips:  Brighton, Canterbury, Cambridge, Bath, Stratford on Avon, Norwich, York weekend, Grand National Racecourse

Royal Scotsman:
various Scotland destinations
Reservations and Bookings:   British Pullman - Luxurytrains.com       Royal Scotsman
 England - France
Route Background Wikipedia
England - France bi-directional
Passenger service under the English Channel (Chunnel).
Reservations and Bookings:   Eurostar.com
Nostalgic Istanbul

Northern Belle
   Orient Express


 Video- Orient Express
 Video- Northern Belle

Background Wikipedia
Northern Belle: Within Great Britain Scotland, England, Wales
Venice Simplon Orient Express: England. France, Switzerland, Italy, Czech Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria, Turkey.

See our Orient Express box at the bottom of this page.

Reservations and Bookings
Nostalgic Istanbul Orient-Express Nostalgic Istanbul Orient Express 
Northern Belle - Thanksdarling.com
Venice-Simplon Orient Express  Orient-Express.com



 Fairy Queen
 Palace On Wheels
 Royal Orient
 Deccan Odyssey
 Heritage on Wheels

 Video- Deccan Odyssey

Background Wikipedia
Fairy Queen  Routes: Delhi, Alwar and Sariska. Oldest working, broad gauge, steam locomotive in the world - built in the year 1855. Bookings:
Palace On Wheels
  Rajasthan State and Delhi and Agra

Royal Orient:  Gujarat, Rajasthan and Diu States 
Deccan Odyssey: covers the vast expanse of Maharashtra and a little of Goa - Mumbai, Ganpatipule, Ratnagiri, Sindhudurg, Goa, Pune, Aurangabad, Ajanta and Ellora.
Heritage on Wheels: 
Regions of Bikaner and Shekhawati, famous beholders of the Heritage of Rajasthan.
Reservations and Bookings    Luxury Trains in India       Royal Orient


Sierra Madre Express
Route Background Wikipedia
Tucson-Nogales-Copper Canyon-Chichuahua-Guadalajara
Reservations and Bookings   Sierra Madre Express
 Russia Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express
Route Background Wikipedia
Moscow to Vladivostok. The 5,800 mile journey takes 14 days and includes stops in Kazan, Irkutsk, Lake Baikal and Khabarovsk among others.
Reservations and Bookings:   GW Travel
 Southern Africa


 Blue Train

Route Video - The Blue Train Background Wikipedia
Within South Africa and between South Africa and Zimbabwe (Victoria Falls)
Reservations and Bookings:    Blue Train
 Rovos Rail

Dune Express
  Good Hope Express
  Southern Express
  Edwardian Train Safari
  Shongololo Express
Routes Background Wikipedia
Within South Africa and between South Africa and Tanzania, Namibia, Swaziland, Lesotho and Zimbabwe.
Reservations and Bookings   Rovos Rail
 Andalusian Express
 Alandalus Express
 Al Andalus Express
Route Background Wikipedia
Madrid-Seville and southern Spain
Reservations and Bookings  The last time we checked this train was no longer operating,
 Sweden-Norway  The New Polar Express
Route Video - The New Polar Express Background Wikipedia
Northbound: Stockholm, Sweden to Narvik, Norway   Infohub - 5 days - itinerary  See Note
Southbound: Narvik, Norway to Stockholm, Sweden  Infohub - 9 days - itinerary  See Note

Note:  Infohub states that they no longer offered these tours, but they were kind enough to leave the detailed itinerary for each one on their website for those who might want to research how to accomplish the trip in other ways. We will update this page after we complete our research. 
Reservations and Bookings   SJ Swedish Railways      Email Swedish Tourism to request info
 Arctic Circle Express
Route   Background Wikipedia
Stockholm - Crossing the Arctic Circle - Ofoten Railway journey - Narvik - Trondheim - Geiranger -
Fjord Cruise - Flm Railway excursion - Bergen - Bergen Railway journey - Oslo
Reservations and Bookings   Great Rail
Glacier Express
Route Background Wikipedia
St. Moritz-Zermatt
Reservations and Bookings   Glacier Express

 United Kingdom

Royal Scotsman
Route Background Wikipedia
London-Edinburgh and the Scottish Highlands.
Reservations and Bookings  Royal Scotsman
United States
 GrandLuxe Express

California Zephyr
 Southwest Chief
 Silver Meteor
 GrandLuxe Limited

The Orient Express

The train whose name is synonymous with luxury and mystery.  But there are three trains that bear the name in Europe these days so it has become somewhat confusing.  Wikipedia does a good job of sorting it out in their
Orient Express article.  From that and other sources, here is the current situation. (We won't discuss the other "Orient-Express" trains in the world. Just the original one here.)
Standard Orient Express.  This is the daily train service between Strasbourg, France and Vienna, Austria. This is the direct descendant of the first "Express d'Orient" that left Paris on October 4, 1883 for Istanbul, Turkey although now it only goes as far as Vienna.  And that first train was not a single train that made the entire journey. In fact the first trip used two trains and two ferries.  Today's train does not use restored vintage cars although there may be some wagon-lit cars present.

As far as today's situation this excerpt from Wikipedia sums it up well: "Though the current service only runs from Strasbourg to Vienna, it is possible to retrace the entire original Orient Express route with four trains: Paris-Strasbourg, Strasbourg-Vienna, Vienna-Belgrade and Belgrade-Istanbul, each of which operate daily. Other routes from Paris to Istanbul also exist, such as Paris-Munich-Budapest-Bucharest-Istanbul, or Paris-Zurich-Belgrade-Istanbul, all of which have comparable travel times of approximately 60 hours without delays." 

See our Train Travel topic for many websites where you can
make reservations and buy tickets for these routes.
"Nostalgic Orient Express".   This runs from Zurich to Istanbul and Athens but not regularly.  Here are two websites with more information: Thanks Darling and Nostalgic Istanbul Orient Express.
Venice Simplon Orient Express.   The ultimate luxury train journey. This runs from London to Venice between  from March to November. They also offer, from time to time, trains tours from Venice on to Istanbul. This is the luxury train that is for the rich with about $2,500 for a one-way ticket.  There are actually several trains involved and passengers are transferred to the nostalgic Orient Express rail cars in France for the remainder of the trip to Venice.  See Orient-Express.com
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