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Newspapers and Other On-Line News Sources
Here are some good links to sites with comprehensive information and links to newspapers and news sources throughout the world in English and other languages. Most of these sites cover not only online newspapers but also other news media such as TV and radio, magazines, and wire services. See our News Online page for other online news sources.      *** exceptional site

Quick Picks -News Sources
These popular sites list and link to worldwide online newspapers, radio/TV stations, magazines and other sources.

  • Newstran.com.***  "The  original multilingual metanews translator™ ".  This website is amazing.  They have news sources from countries around the world in major languages.  Here is their American Newsdesk page with a scrollable list of worldwide news sources listed down the left side and each paper's website appearing on the right side in your browser. If the news is not in English, you can translate it into English using their Translate button.
Wikipedia - Newspapers article. Good article about newspapers with good links to websites that have comprehensive links to online newspapers.
ABYZ News Links  We especially like their website because they indicate what language the newspaper or other media is in that they list.
American Journalism Review Newspapers  The AJR site is a well-done presentation covering all forms of U.S. and international newspapers, magazines, radio/TV, internet-related news sources and other journalism resources with links to respective sites.  The navigation design is first-rate.   (See our News Online topic for a list of these kinds of news sources.)
NewsVoyager  A beautiful site with both a graphical and scroll list interface to local newspapers in the United States and around the world.
Newspaper.com - News Online  Their site covers newspapers by country. Within the United States, they cover newspapers by state.  They also have Entertainment and Business publication categories.
The University of Sussex, UK Library - List of Newspapers Available over the Internet  A nice list or newspaper resources arranged by continent.
International Herald Tribune  This is the online version of this well-known newspaper.
Newspapers of the World.  This site has one of the largest listing of on-line versions of news- papers in the world including all the big newspapers, as well as, smaller ones in faraway places. They cover over 3,000 newspapers that have on-line editions from over 80 countries. Use this to find out what is going on, from their perspective, in a city or country you are planning to visit.
Online Newspapers  *** We especially like this website because it is very easy to find a country and when they list all the newspapers in the country they usually include the language the newspaper is published in following its name.
UCSD Library - News  The University of California at San Diego (UCSD) Library has an excellent list and links to over 140 worldwide online news sources.
Newspaper Front Pages from Around the World Newseum.org has digital images of the front pages of newspapers from around the world with links to each paper's homepage.  Pretty neat!
Yahoo!  Here are their major categories to look for on-line news sources. 
  • Newspapers  Their main page with direct links to major U.S. newspapers.
  • By Country  Click on a country of the world.
  • By Region  Click on a major region of the world.
  • By U.S. States  Click on a state of the United States. 
Paperboy.com.  A great list of newspapers and online news sources. You can search by any combination of world city, state/province, country and language. They have over 4,800 newspapers from over 170 countries.
World-Newspapers.com.  A great list of newspapers and online news sources in English from around the world. They have a nice, clean user interface.
World Newspapers.  The Christchurch, New Zealand City Council (yes, that's right!) has put together a list of on-line newspapers, by country, that does a much better job of covering some of the third-world countries and the countries of the South Pacific than some of the other big mega-news source websites! They also cover all the major countries of the world.
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