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This travel topic covers the use of recreational vehicles (RV) as a travel home while on a vacation although some people travel and live permanently in an RV as their only home. We will use the term RV in this topic. This is the term commonly used in North American countries, along with the term mobile home or camper, to describe a vehicle intended to be a home on wheels.  Sometimes the term Winnebago, which is a brand name, is also used to mean an RV. In other parts of the world, the terms camper van, caravan and motorhome are more commonly used when referring to a recreational vehicle.  In France and Japan, the English-derived term camping-car is popular. 

There are a number of classes of RVs, but the three basic classes are - (1) a
truck camper which is a shell fitted over the back of a pickup truck, (2) a travel trailer (in Australia it is called a camper trailer) which is a small mobile home towed behind a car or truck which can be unhitched and parked, and (3) a motor home which is a home built on a truck chassis as a single unit. There are many variations and Wikipedia has a good article that describes the classes of RV's.

A person who travels in an RV is also referred to as an
RVer or camper.  Sometimes people travel individually in RVs and sometimes they form a caravan of RVs. The latter is known as caravaning (also spelled caravanning.)  RVs are parked in special places known as RV parks, trailer parks and caravan parks.

In North American countries you
rent an RV. In Europe and other parts of the world you hire one. 

Here is a selection of some good websites covering RVs worldwide.


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RV Travel Books

We drop you off at their Travel Books - RV search results that cover books on RVs and RV traveling. Use their search box to find a specific book title or topic.
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General Resources

DMOZ - Worldwide Recreational Vehicles Open Directory. Worldwide Extensive worldwide list of websites about recreational vehicles.
DMOZ Open Directory - Camping and Caravaning  Worldwide Extensive worldwide list of RV-related websites including trip planning information.
RV Advice of the World Wide Web. Worldwide  This is a very comprehensive website with a wealth of information about RV Travel.  Their RV Advice - Cool Links has a comprehensive list of links to RV-related subjects that also includes international links.
RVer.  United States. This is a very comprehensive site for RV travelers.
American Journeys. United States. A good RV site with lots of interesting information. They have researched and written articles on more than 160 U.S. towns that cover information of interest to people traveling by RV.  Each article tells you about the town's history, any campgrounds that have been recommended, good places to eat, sights to see, events, local tips, and nearby sites worth visiting. They are listed by state and town. Click here to go to their "Links" page that has a list of other good RV websites you can visit.
RoamingTimes.com.  A comprehensive RV websites that also includes a personal classified section where you can find an RV travel companion.
RVNet. United States. This is a very comprehensive site with information for RV'ers including RV caravans and tours.
RVTravel. United States. A comprehensive RV website for RVers from beginners to the experienced.  Basically everything you want to know about RVing. 
RVClub.com. United States  "A cyberspace destination for people who love the open road."
RVAdvice. United States  A very popular website with answers to questions and advice on any kind of RV topic.
GypsyJournal- Favorite RV Websites. United States  This is a list of some of their favorite RV websites.
The Wandering RV  United States  They have a comprehensive guide to must-have accessories for your RV.   They also provide a wealth of information from experienced RVers including for those who want to live in heir RV>
Motorhomesworldwide.com  Worldwide  Although this is an Australian company, they have the best list we have seen of information about doing RV travel in other countries. Select a country from their home page.
RV, Camping and Caravaning Clubs and Associations
 United States  Canada  United Kingdom  Europe  Japan  Australia   South America  Africa  Asia  Middle East

DMOZ Open Directory - Camping and Caravaning Organizations.  A worldwide list of RV camping and caravaning organizations.
RVClubs-US. They not only list clubs and associations but have links to a lot of other information as well.
Motor Home and Camper Rentals

DMOZ Worldwide RV Rentals Open Directory Worldwide listing organized by continent, country and then state or province, if applicable..
Motor Homes and Car Rentals Worldwide. They cover Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa and the USA.
Motorhomesworldwide.com  Although this is an Australian company, they have the best list we have seen of information about doing RV travel in other countries. Select a country from their home page.
Specialty Travel.  This site lists RV Rentals by areas of the world. Select a destination from the Select a Destination pull-down menu and then select one of the activities from the Select An Interest/Activity pull-down menu. They have two RV activities in the list: Motorcamping/Campervan and Motorhome Tours/Rentals.
Caravan and RV Parks and Campgrounds
RVPark Reviews  United States  Canada  Excellent reviews submitted by users of RV parks in the United States and Canada.  They have over 30,000 reviews in their data base.
GoCampingAmerica United States Excellent coverage of campgrounds and RV parks in the United States.
RVer.  United States. Excellent campground and RV park.
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