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Phileas Fogg and Passepartout approach the Swiss Alps

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Rail Passes
Rail passes let you travel via rail in one or more countries cheaper than buying individual tickets for each journey. Some rail passes also include travel by ferry and river boats.
FlightCentre -Trains  Don't be fooled by the name!  We take you to their excellent list and links to rail passes around the world plus other practical information on using rail passes.

RideTheTrains  A beautiful site with excellent worldwide coverage of train travel including rail passes and special train excursions.

Railpass.com  One of the best websites for worldwide rail passes.
Armchair World - Travel By Rail.  This site sells Eurail, Europasses and other European rail passes. They also have general European train information by country, and a list of all the high speed trains and where they go.  They also sell a European rail travel video.
European Rail Passes.  This site sells Eurail, Europasses and BritRail passes.
Railpass.com They not only sell European rail passes but have a nice calculator where you can enter a Departure and Destination city and get the regular train fare, then compare it with a rail pass to see if you will save money on the cities you will be visiting in Europe.
Rick Steves European Railpasses  An excellent, and well-known, source of European rail pass information and where you can also buy one.

Rail Australia Passes  Excellent coverage from Railpass.com.

Great Southern Railway Ltd - Rail Pass  Another Australian railpass source.
New Zealand

New Zealand Travelpass  Offers a travel pass to travel by train, bus, and ferry throughout New Zealand. 
North America

North America Rail Passes  Offers a rail pass that covers travel in both the United States and Canada.


Japan Rail Passes  The JR-East company in Japan covers the Japan Rail Pass.
JapanRail.com.  Another site that offers Japan rail passes.
STA Travel - Japan Rail Pass.  STA Travel has information on the Japan railpass.
South Korea
STA Travel - Korea Rail Pass.  STA Travel has information on the Korea National Railroad railpass.
Rail Network of Thailand.  They offer a railpass for travel on Thailand's rail network.
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