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Travel Ratings and Reviews

Here are some websites that provide ratings, reviews, opinions and comparison shopping for travel products and services. Some of the websites are based in the U.S. and some in other countries. With a few exceptions, they all have worldwide coverage of international destinations and travel information. Almost all major online travel agencies and many travel guides also have review sections with feedback from travelers.

The largest and most well-known travel websites that include reviews from travelers will have the most recent reviews about a hotel, cruise ship, tour, etc.  They will also have more people with comments on their experience.  This is a better indicator of what you might expect if you are traveling in the near future than a review from several or many years ago.  Good, or even bad, experiences from two or three years ago may no longer be valid. Things change!   Always check the date of a review. 

A website may retain ratings and reviews going back 5-10 years. A website's search results do not usually list articles in date published order from latest to oldest.  So check the date. Better yet, include one or more years (e.g. 2015, 2016) in your search to get only recent articles.

In the case of bad reviews, see if there is a response from the company reviewed.  You may, of course, try a web search or contact the company about a bad review to get their side of the story and if a complaint was resolved. 
Most Popular Travel Websites
Top 15 Most Popular Travel Websites  Based on number of visitors!  This list is continually updated by ebizMBA to rank a travel website's popularity by its traffic (number of visitors) as compiled by eBizMBA from Alexa Global Traffic Rank, U.S. Traffic Rank and from Compete and Quantcast data.
General Travel
Consumer Affairs - Travel. They focus on reviews by consumers for various consumer products and services including those related to travel. We take you directly to their Travel section.  The Travel homepage has links to the latest Travel News and specific travel topics. Here are direct links to their consumer reviews on: airlines, hotels-resorts-inns, car rentals, cruise lines, parks & attractions, travel agencies, and even timeshares. Please check out their FAQ page to understand their review criteria and relationships they may have with companies that are reviewed.  They also have a process for companies to communicate with consumers to resolve negative reviews.     
Consumer Reports - Travel Search. Although Consumer Reports does not have a separate Travel section, they have plenty of excellent (and free) information on travel-related products ,news and services including videos.  But you will have to subscribe to get their ratings on airlines, etc. Unfortunately, they do not make it easy for you to find specific, travel information on their website.  We drop you off at their search results page for "Travel".  
Kiplinger - Best Travel 2015 Search.  Kiplinger is a well-respected company that provides personal finance and investment advice along with business forecasts.  They are also an excellent source of travel information.  They have articles and recommendations on a variety of travel topics.  The link we provide used their own search window.  We entered "Best Travel 2015".  We included "2015" in our Kiplinger search request to narrow the search to articles from at least 2015 and later. 

Please note that when using their search window, you have to scroll down through a number of ads before you reach the actual search results. We also suggest you include one or more specific year in your search to exclude years older than the last few years.
 Airline reviews and ratings
TripAdvisor.com - Airlines  A very popular travel site. They have one of the most, if not the most, comprehensive reviews of airlines worldwide.
J.D. Power - Airline Ratings. They are a well-known consumer survey company.  Our link takes you to their Travel Ratings page where you can select their Satisfaction Study reports for North American airlines and airports. Under the Rewards section on the page you will also find their Airline Loyalty Program Study.
Consumer Reports Airline Travel Buying Guide 2015.  A good article and summary of the best airlines based on specific services.  They also have advice on choosing an airline.  (You must be a subscriber to get the full report.)
 Hotels, Motels, Resorts
TripAdvisor.com - Hotels. Excellent website with unbiased reviews of hotels, vacation packages, airlines, and other travel related products and services. Hotel ratings are shown on a page next to a specific hotel or resort name.
J.D. Power - Hotel Ratings. They are a well-known, world-wide consumer survey company.  We take you directly to their Travel Ratings and Rewards page. On the page is the North American Hotel Guest Satisfaction Study. Click on one of the eight hotel categories based on your hotel preference in terms of price.  They also show the Award Recipient for that category.  There is a handy pulldown menu above the hotel ratings chart to choose another category. 
 Car Rentals
Reviews.com - Car Rentals.  They have ratings for major car rental agencies in the United States.
J.D. Power - Rental Car Ratings. They are a well-known, world-wide consumer survey company.  This is their North American Rental Car Satisfaction Study page. It includes their annual Best Car Rental Company award recipient and ratings for major rental car companies.
TripAdvisor.com - Cruises.  They link to the Cruise Critic website.
Cruise Critic.com.  This is one of the best websites on all types of cruises with extensive information on cruise lines. They have one of the most extensive collection of reviews, as well as, other features like a How To Cruise Guide. You can also book with them.
Viewpoint-CruisesConsumer reviews of cruises worldwide.
 Theme Parks
Theme Park Critic  This is a comprehensive website that covers all the major theme parks in the United States.  They include feedback from park visitors.
Theme Park Insiders  This is a comprehensive website that covers major theme parks in the world. They also have feedback from park visitors.
 Tour Operators
Get Smarter - Tour Company Ratings and Reviews.  We used their search box and entered Travel Tour Company Reviews Ratings 2015 2016 to get the latest selection of reviews and ratings.  Enter a specific tour company to narrow your search.

We also suggest you just use your favorite search website (Bing, Google, etc.) and enter the name of the tour operator together with words like---- ratings, reviews, customer feedback. Add a specific year or several years so you don't end up with 5 year old reviews which may no longer be valid (whether they were good or bad reviews!)

Search example:  Tour Company X reviews ratings customer feedback 2014 2015 2016

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