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Relocations Worldwide

People in the United States and other developed countries are likely to relocate within their country during their lifetime primarily because of their jobs.  This page focuses instead on international relocations where a person, couple or family relocate from one country to another.  This occurs primarily for two reasons - your job or you decide to retire in another country. 

Job Relocations. If you are relocating because of your job, of course your employer pays for the relocation.  Relocation service companies hired by your company usually provide a number of services besides moving your household goods and they will explain all of this too you.  
People are advised to learn something of the culture before departing.  There are some websites below that offer contact with other expatriates who are already living there that can give you advice. If you have a spouse or partner, or kids, this needs to be a total group effort.  The culture shock may be especially hard on kids. Expect the culture shock to last as much as six months. 

Retirement Relocations.  If you are planning to retire in another country, of course you need to become familiar with the country before you make the big move.  Besides research to choose a country, you should visit it and the place you want to settle.  This is especially important if you will be buying property. 

As globalization has taken hold and international travel and communication have increased, the idea of living in another country no longer seems foreign to many.  While the Internet has helped clear up many misconceptions, and untruths, there are still many issues that need to be addressed by someone before deciding to move abroad and once you are actually there.  It is vital that you do your research before finalizing any arrangements as there is the potential to get into some difficult situations in foreign countries as laws and customs may be quite different.

Note: For those contemplating retiring overseas, a visit to the country and place where you want to relocate is essential and spending a few weeks or months over a period of years will give you a good feel for living there especially if you live on the local economy (e.g., shopping at local markets and staying in a rented house or apartment).  It is also helpful to visit some of the websites we list below where you can read about and exchange messages and emails with expats living in the area where you plan to settle.  Once you correspond with an expat via a message board or emails you will probably have a chance to talk to them on the phone as well. If you are living on a government pension and receiving government health benefits, these may be affected if you live abroad.

We offer some websites with information about relocating worldwide either because of your job or for retirement.
Search The Web
To quickly find some websites with information about relocating to another country, we suggest the following:
Note: Including the country you are moving from (e.g. moving from Britain to) doesn't seem to effect the results.
Moving to + country or country and city name Moving to Japan Moving to Paris, France
Relocation services moving to + country or country and city name Relocation Service moving to Brazil
Relocation Service moving to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Expatriate Resources
Expatriates, or expats as they are called, are people who live in a country other than the one they are a citizen of or grew up in.
DMOZ Open Directory - Expatriates.  The most comprehensive list of expatriates websites we have found. Organized by nationalities. For example, if you are a Canadian, clicking on the Canadian link will present a list of websites for Canadians planning to live abroad and websites about Canadians and Canadian expat communities living in specific countries.
Allo' Expat. Allo' Expat is the leading expatriate one-stop information center and a meeting place for expat communities around the world and professional expatriate service providers. You can get the latest offerings and information on relocations, real-estate, financial planning, leisure, and lifestyle. They have excellent country message boards where you can share personal tips and advice.
Expat Forum.com. Another excellent, very comprehensive website for those living aboard or who plan to do so. They cover everything from relocation planning to real estate to what you need to know when you are in your new country.
EscapeArtist.com. Another excellent, very comprehensive website for those living aboard or who plan to do so. They have extensive information on international real estate, as well as, extensive information on relocating to and living in other countries worldwide with detailed practical information on most countries.
ExPatFocus.com. A comprehensive expat website with all the usual information.
SecurityCornerMexico. Covers security information for expats living in Mexico.
Relocation Services
Wikipedia has an article about relocation services but it is focused on the business aspect and does not provide any practical relocation advice for the person who is relocating. However, it will give you some idea of what a typical company's relocation package may look like.

DMOZ Open Directory - International Relocation Services.  A list of some relocation service websites that serve both individuals and corporations. They also have a separate directory for corporate relocation services.
Graebel.com. A well-known, single-source partner for successful, cost-efficient employee relocations and workplace services worldwide.
HomeCorp Relocation Services. They provide destinations services such as helping employees settle in to their new environment and obtain drivers licenses and enroll kids in schools.  They also provide moving services through other companies.
International Relocation Services  Provides both personal and corporate relocation services.
Relocation Services International.  They are an independent move management and forwarding company specializing in household goods transportation for corporate clients.
TiraNetwork.com  TIRA is a global network of independently owned and established relocation service providers. They provide expert relocation assistance on a local, regional or global basis.
An expatriate (abbreviated as expat and pronounced X-Pat) is a person temporarily or permanently residing in a country other than where they were raised or have citizenship.  Typically, someone whose company moves them overseas to work on a project for a few years or for career enhancement, and government officials stationed in other countries, do not necessarily refer to themselves as expats although some do.  Whereas, people who have retired or who have lived a long time overseas commonly consider themselves expats. In some countries, expats from a given country form a social community even though they do not live in the same neighborhood.  Wikipedia has a good article on expats, the history of the term and some useful information about being one. 
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