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Almost all online travel agencies and travel guides, both online and in print, have a section on restaurants.  Wikipedia has a nice article on restaurants and fast food. Here are some good sources for U.S. and worldwide restaurant information. Sometimes, the easiest way to find a restaurant is just to do a search with the name of the city and the type of restaurant you are looking for (e.g., McDonald's Tallinn Estonia, Rome cheap eats, Paris best restaurants).
We take you to the Amazon Travel - Dining Book section with results for the above search words or directly to one of the books shown.
Once there, to find restaurant guides for a specific country or city, use their search box on the page as follows
  • If you want to use the guide series shown just add the Country or City name to the search words already there and click Go.
  • If you want to find all restaurant guides, just replace the search words with the name of a Country or City name + Restaurant Guides. (e.g. Rome Restaurant Guides)
  • To find a pocket menu reader for a specific language just add the language name to the search words already there.


Dining Advice
Wikipedia - List of Fast Food Chains Worldwide  This is the best place you can go to find a fast-food restaurant in the world.  They not only cover American fast-food store locations in the world but other fast-food chains in the world. Listed in alphabetically order by country.
The Global Gourmet  Another excellent site covering worldwide cuisine.
VegDining.com.  This is an excellent website with information on vegetarian restaurants worldwide.
SoloDining.com  They publishes a newsletter that is full of strategies and tips on how to increase your comfort and options as a solo diner. Their websites has a lot of good articles and tips for solo diners.
United States Restaurant Guides

Chefmoz - United States  Excellent United States restaurant coverage.
Dine.com.  The largest United States online restaurant review guides written by restaurant customers.
Dinesite.com.  Extensive restaurant guide for United States cities.
DMOZ Open Directory - United States Dining Guides  Extensive list organized by state.
United Kingdom Restaurant Guides

Chefmoz - United Kingdom.  Links to major United Kingdom restaurant guides.

DMOZ Open Directory - United Kingdom Dining Guides  Some good restaurant guides including pubs and Indian cuisine.
Great Britain Restaurant Guide. (Great Britain) This restaurant guide covers all of Great Britain and they hand-pick the restaurants that are included.
TopTable.  A restaurant reservation service covering the United Kingdom, as well as, other countries.

Worldwide Restaurant Guides
listed in alphabetical order

DMOZ Open Directory - Dining Guides. Select a region of the world and then a country or use their search box for a faster search of a specific country or city. 
Epicurious.com - Restaurants. The essential restaurant guide covering the top cities of the world.
Fodor's - Restaurants. They offer information on restaurants worldwide. Select the USA, Canada or Mexico or a region of the world and then select a restaurant by name or by criteria (price, location, type of cuisine or score).
PickaRestaurant.com  A beautiful, comprehensive website, easy to navigate. They offers regional city guides covering restaurants from fast food to fine dining and "hot spots" to trendy places for both business travelers and local diners.
Restaurant.com.  Covers major cities of the world.
Restaurantrow.com.  Covers 110,000 restaurants in 7,000 cities of the United States.
TopTable.  A restaurant reservation service covering fine restaurants in many countries.
WorldRestaurantGuide.com  They list many of the best restaurant guides on the web, for every city of the world and let you locate it with just a few clicks. You start by clicking on a region of their world map.
ZagatSurveys - Restaurants.  This is the famous Zagat Restaurant surveys covering the world.
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