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Road Warriors
Road warriors are business travelers who spend a lot of time on the road, and in the air and in hotel rooms with their trusty laptops, PDAs and cellphones always at the ready.  Here are some web resources oriented to business travelers who are always on the road or on an airplane.  Our Business Travel topic also lists many resources of interest to business travelers no matter how frequently they travel.
Sideroad.com - Business Travel Tips. Ten travel tips for road warriors.
RoadWarriorTips. "Ideas for extended stay travelers and people who like vacations where they can feel at home."
The Travel Insider - Road Warrior  Excellent articles about tools and toys for road warrior. They have practical information to help both the leisure and business traveler to have a more pleasant and productive journey.
Orbitz - Tools for the Road Warrior  Orbitz has a section just for road warriors with tools to help them have a better business trip.
Google Search - Business Road Warriors  A good list of road warrior resources.
GlobalRoadWarrior.  The Ultimate business travel guide for those traveling worldwide.
About.Com - Auto Business Travel  An excellent source of information for road warriors traveling by car in the United States.
CNN Money - The Best Gear for Road Warriors.  From this article they have links to specific gear.
PCWorld- Hot Tips for Road Warriors
  An excellent article about preparing for your business trip plus "On the Road - Tips and Tricks".
Pam Pohly's Net Guide for Traveling Executives and Road Warriors.  A handy, quick-reference guide for business travelers in an easy to find notebook format.
WomanRoadWarrior.com.  "The trusted voice of women travelers." The Woman Road Warrior helps women business travelers by "...debunking myths and providing concrete examples of on-the-road problem-solving."
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