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Roller Coasters

They have been around in one form or another since the 1700's.  They are also called thrill rides and thrilling they are!  See the Roller Coaster Records Box at the bottom of this page for a list of the current record-holders for the highest and fastest roller coasters in the world. 

If you can't get enough of the real thing, try a roller coaster simulator!

For a history of roller coasters, here are links to the history section at:  Wikipedia     Britannica 

The best search engine we have found for roller coasters is at Coasterbuzz.com
American Coasters Network  Excellent coverage of American roller coaster rides.  Includes data base, videos, news and a section on those under construction.
Coasterbuzz.com  One of the best sites for information and news about roller coasters and thrill rides around the world. It is well organized and beautifully presented. It has one of the best search engines for roller coasters and one of the best collection of links to both information on the ride as well as the park it is in.
Ultimate Rollercoaster.com They have the largest online site covering Roller Coasters, Theme Parks and Thrill Rides.  Their search capability is not as good as, for example, the Roller Coaster Data Base website listed below.
Ride World!  This is the portal to Thrill Rides website listed below. Here you can subscribe, visit a chat room and check the message board.
Roller Coaster Data Base (RCDB)  Another comprehensive site with a searchable database that has information and statistics for over 1600 roller coasters throughout the world. They also have a World record section.
ThrillNetwork  We take you to their Coaster Section but they also cover amusement and theme parks around the world.  Their information page for a particular roller coaster is one of the most comprehensive of any website.

Roller Coaster Records

Five Tallest in the world


 Five Fastest in the world






Kingda Ka
Six Flags Great Adventure
Jackson, New Jersey, USA
456/139 2005 Kingda Ka
Six Flags Great Adventure
Jackson, New Jersey, USA
128/206 2005
Top Thrill Dragster
Cedar Point Amusement Park
Sandusky, Ohio, USA
420/128 2003 Top Thrill Dragster
Cedar Point Amusement Park
Sandusky, Ohio, USA
120/193 2003
Superman the Escape
Six Flags Magic Mountain
Valencia, California, USA
415/126 1997 Dodonpa
Fuji-Q Highlands
FujiYoshida-shi, Japan
107/172 2001

Tower of Terror
Dreamworld Amusement Park
Coomera, Queensland, Australia

377/115 1997 Superman the Escape
Six Flags Magic Mountain             tie
Valencia, California, USA                  
100/161 1997
Steel Dragon 2000
Nagashima Spa land
Kuwana City, Nagashima, Japan
318/97 2006 Tower of Terror
Dreamworld Amusement Park     tie
Coomera, Queensland, Australia
100/161 1997

Notes: Height in feet and meters.  Speed in miles per hour and kilometers per hour (kph)
Name/Location.  The name in blue is a link to information on the roller-coaster.  The park name in green has information on the park and how to get there.
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