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Ruin Wonders
Google Search  Famous Ruins of the World

Here is information on 10 famous ruins and ruined cities of the world. These are ruins from ancient civilizations that you can visit. We selected ten that show up on almost everyone's list.  Of course, there are thousands of ancient ruins and we have additional links below to excellent websites with information on many more of the ruins of the world.  These are sometimes called "forgotten wonders".  The Great Pyramids of Giza are covered in our Ancient Wonders topic.

Internet Ancient History Sourcebook  A collection of links to study the ancient world.
SacredSites.com  Beautiful site with excellent, comprehensive information on worldwide sacred sites.

Ruin Wonders

Ruin Name
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Angkor Wat
magnificent temple built in 12th century
Virtual Tour


  Site 1 Kampuchea (Cambodia)  Go Tours
Borobudur Monument  
ancient shrine to Buddha
Virtual Tour Official   Site 1 Java, Indonesia Go Tours
Great Wall of China   
one of the wonders of the world
Virtual Tour Unofficial   Site 1 China Go Tours
Machu Picchu  
the lost city of the Incas
Virtual Tour Unofficial  Site 1 Peru Go Tours
finest monument on the Acropolis
*click on bullseye circles for 360 photos
Virtual Tour*
Official   Site 1 Athens, Greece Go Tours
ancient site visited by Indian Jones  
Virtual Tour Official   Site 1


Go Tours
Roman Colosseum  
a sports arena built in 80 AD
Virtual Tour
Unofficial   Site 1 Rome, Italy Go Tours
prehistoric monument built in 2200 BC
Virtual Tour Official   Site 1 England Go Tours
Tenochtitlan  and
Tenochtitlan Great Pyramid

 Great Aztec city now under Mexico City
Virtual Tour Unofficial   Site 1 Mexico City, Mexico Go Tours
Tikal Mayan Temple
largest Mayan ruin-active 200 AD-850 AD
Virtual Tour Official   Site 1 Guatemala   Go Tours
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