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Scuba Diving
Here are some comprehensive scuba-diving websites.  They cover everything from finding a place to learn to scuba dive, where to buy scuba gear, and information on diving sites and arranging trips throughout the world. See the Where To Buy Scuba Gear box at the bottom of this page.

General Scuba Diving Information

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Searching the web Sometimes the fastest way to find scuba diving information is just to use a search engine.
Examples:    scuba diving Cayman Islands     buy scuba gear     repair scuba gear      scuba diving classes in Atlanta
Google Excellent list of scuba diving related websites.
Yahoo! Directory This is the excellent Yahoo! Scuba Directory
Wikipedia Excellent article on all aspects of scuba diving with good external links.
Open Directory The most comprehensive listing of scuba diving websites with many categories.
Use their Regional category to find specific countries where you want to go diving.
About.Com This is their scuba diving section with excellent information from beginners to professional.
PADI Professional Association of Diving Instructors. Provides places to learn to scuba dive from certified instructors.
3 Routes Worldwide Scuba Diving Directory  This is the largest diving directory on the Internet. They have excellent maps of scuba diving areas worldwide and also arrange diving trips.
Scuba Yellow Pages.  This is another large, comprehensive, worldwide scuba diving site. They have excellent maps of scuba diving areas around the world.
Gooddive.com.  A scuba diving portal with comprehensive information and links covering all facets of scuba diving.
Deep Diversions-The Diver's Domain  This is another good, well-designed site with worldwide scuba diving information.
Specialty Travel Index This is an excellent Adventure Travel website.  We take you to their "Scuba Diving/Snorkeling" page that has an extensive list of scuba/snorkeling outfitters. Select a destination from the pull-down menu to refine your search to a specific country. 
Webdive.com A comprehensive, interesting scuba dive site with an attitude and funky layout!
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