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Senior Travel

Many of the travel guide and travel agency websites also have sections on senior travel. Seniors are generally considered anyone 50-55 and older.
Best Senior Travel Web Sites compiled by Transitions Abroad. Excellent List.

Elderhostel Inc. Elderhostel is a nonprofit organization providing educational adventures around the world for people aged 55 and over.

Eldertreks  Eldertreks is an adventure travel company exclusively for people 50 and over. They offer active, small-group adventures to over 50 countries with a focus on adventure, culture and nature.
AARP - Travel.  This is their excellent travel section.  Some of the travel bargains require AARP membership.  
About.com-Budget Travel - Senior Travel Deals.  If you are over 55, here is an excellent list of links that will save you money on airfares and other travel bargains. 
ThirdAge - Travel Section  A well-done and attractive, comprehensive site for senior travelers.  Free memberships.
Wired Seniors Travel Guide.  Part of the Wired Seniors Network. One of the best sites for people over 50 to find out about senior travel. This will take you to their Travel Guide section. Click here to go to their homepage.
Yahoo! - Senior Travel Directory.  An excellent list of senior travel websites.
Seniors Vacation and Home Exchange  This is the only site we have found exclusively for people over 50 who want to exchange homes for vacations. It is not confined to houses or second homes, but also includes the exchange of your motor home or caravan, and to list non-exchange commercial travel accommodations.
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