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 Single and Solo Travel

Many of the travel guide and travel agency websites also have sections on single travel. Single travel is also called solo travel.  Some are looking for social companionship and some are looking for romance. Jump to our Single Cruises and Single Seniors sections on this page.

Some Comprehensive Single Travel Resources

Washington Post - Singles Travel Guide. Read this first if you are new to singles travel. 

Google - Single and Solo Travel. Elderhostel is a nonprofit organization providing educational adventures around the world for people aged 55 and over.

Yahoo - Singles Travel Groups  A nice list of over 180 singles travel organizations. They list the number of members and whether membership is required plus a brief description. You can also search for a particular topic. For Romance Relationships Adult Encounters for Singles Who Travel, Yahoo has an adult section that requires you to sign in.
About Network - Single and Solo Travel  An excellent collection of sites covering all types of single and solo travel including single parent travel.

Travelocity - Singles Vacations  Eldertreks
is an adventure travel company exclusively for people 50 and over. They offer active, small-group adventures to over 50 countries with a focus on adventure, culture and nature.

Expedia - Sorry! No Single Travel Section  They didn't have a single or solo travel section and no results were found using the Expedia site search option. The best we can do is drop you off at their home page.

Some Single Travel Sites

iexplore.com - Solo SectionThis is their Solo Travel section. They know it can be expensive traveling by yourself since many tour operators increase prices for single or solo travelers.  They have a good list of trips that have affordable single supplements, or they may have dedicated departures for single travelers.
Budget Travel Online.  Scroll down to their Singles and Seniors category.
Solo Travel OnlineUnited Kingdom We take you to the Single Living - Solo Travel section.  They have plenty of useful travel-related information and news for single travelers.   Scroll down to their Articles From Other Sources for some good advice from solo travelers and their experiences.
Solo Travel Portal.  They are a clearinghouse of information on topics like single travel, and cover topics like how to find travel companions; over-50 travel; women's travel opportunities; solo vacations; solo dining; and many other topics.
Going SoloCanada  They are a Canadian Singles Travel club and not a dating club. There is no membership fee. Their membership includes single travelers from across Canada and abroad; they have 4 to 8 fully escorted group tours per year to all parts of the world. Matching you up with a roommate we avoid the costly expense of single supplement fees. If you still prefer a single room that can be arranged also.
Connecting - Solo Travel Network.  Their website for single and solo travel features solo travel tales, destination reports, going solo tips, and listings of singles tours, cruises, and getaways.  They also cover single-friendly holidays, vacations with no single supplement fees, travel companion ads, lodging, advice, and hospitality exchanges.  Some of these services are free to site visitors and some require a small, yearly membership fee.
Singles Travel International.  This is a well-known singles travel site.  They organize tours and cruises exclusively for single travelers; They guarantee to find you a roommate, whenever you sign-up before the cut-off date. If they don't, your single occupancy accommodations are on them! All their cruises and tours are escorted by at least one of their professional staff members.
Travel Alone and Love It This website is run by veteran solo traveler Sharon Wingler, author of Travel Alone & Love It. The site is dedicated to "showing you how to see the world on your own – safely, economically and with the travel savvy of a pro." They have a free, monthly newsletter telling you what’s new.  You can also send in your solo-travel questions, which are answered on the site. 

Some Singles Adventure Travel Sites

The World Outdoors - Solo Travel.  For those who like the great outdoors, this organization offers independent, off-the-beaten-path adventures. This is their Solo Travel Section. Their solo itineraries are identical to their standard trips but, because these departures are composed entirely of independent travelers, there’s a new, fun dimension to group activities. Of course, solo travelers are welcome on all of their regular departures too where often half their guests are traveling alone, anyway.) Join their Travel Club for free and receive a monthly email newsletter.
Adventurous WenchEnjoy an active vacation for women - marvelous outdoor adventures by day, and superb food and comfort at night.  Have fun exploring and socializing with your fellow adventurers.   It's perfect for solo female travelers
Eldertrek  Eldertreks is an adventure travel company exclusively for people 50 and over. They offer active, small-group adventures to over 50 countries with a focus on adventure, culture and nature.

Some Single Seniors Travel Sites

Eldertrek  Eldertreks is an adventure travel company exclusively for people 50 and over. They offer active, small-group adventures to over 50 countries with a focus on adventure, culture and nature.
About.com Senior Travel  Excellent, comprehensive senior travel section of the well-known About.com website.
Seniors Travel Guide.  A great site for people over 50 to find a travel companion. This will take you to their Travel Mate section. Click here to go to their homepage.
Seniors Travel Guide  This is the wiredseniors.com senior travel guide. They have an excellent list of senior travel websites.
Yahoo! - Senior Travel Directory.  An excellent list of senior travel websites.
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