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Phileas Fogg and Passepartout approach the Swiss Alps

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Snow Sports and Festivals

his travel topic contains information and links for winter-related activities worldwide including both snow sports and winter festivals. Snow sports cover downhill or alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, ice skating, and dog sledding. Winter festivals cover worldwide festivals and carnivals including those where you can view ice sculptures.  It is organized into the sections shown below. Click on a section name to go directly to it on this page.
Snow Sports

This topic covers all kinds of winter activities and winter sports worldwide. 
Magazines: Two good sources: Ski and Snowboard Magazine Directory and  J2Ski.com Ski and Snowboard List
First Tracks!! Online Ski Magazine.  Beautiful online magazine for skiers and snowboarders. 
Comprehensive Ski Websites
These sites have comprehensive information covering all snow sports, gear, clothing and accessories, travel and tours, ski resorts, lodging, and snow reports.  Most of them also cover snowboarding activities.

DMOZ Open Directory - Skiing. Excellent categories with extensive listings including a regional category - select a region of the world, then a country and you will get a list of ski resorts and other ski websites for that place.  Or you can use their search box and enter your destination.
About.com-Skiing.  An excellent, comprehensive websites covering all aspects of skiing from beginners to experts and from downhill and cross-country skiing to heli-skiing.
OnTheSnow.com  The OnTheSnow.com has one of the most comprehensive websites covering snow sports.  This includes ski reports, ski cams, ski packages, daily weather reports, and ski resorts worldwide.
GORP - Skiing and Snowsports. A well known name in adventure travel.  This is their excellent skiing and snowsports section.
GoSki.com. Another excellent and very comprehensive site covering world-wide snow skiing and snowboarding activities.
Ski.com. A comprehensive website that covers all aspects of skiing worldwide.  They also have experienced mountain and skiing vacation specialists to help you plan your skiing or snowboarding vacation whether on a budget or money is no object!
Skiinfo.com.  They cover seven European countries: Norway, Sweden, Austria, Germany, Italy, France and Switzerland.
SkiCentral.com. Another excellent and very comprehensive site covering world-wide snow skiing and snowboarding activities.
Skinet.com. Another comprehensive site. What sets them apart is their ski gear and resort reviews and other ski information from Ski, Skiing and Freeze magazines.  Unfortunately, all their flashing ads detract from their content.
Skiindex.com.  Comprehensive website covering worldwide skiing.
slidingonthecheap.com For the latest deals and special fares at United States ski resorts, try this  website. You can also sign up for their free email newsletter.
Budget Travel-Ski Articles   They have good articles and reports on skiing worldwide.
Ski Resorts
All the comprehensive sites listed above also have ski resort information.
If you want to know about a ski resort in a certain place (country, region, mountain range, state or province)
sometimes it is faster just to do a web search. Enter the name of the place or the resort name, if known,
and indicate skiing.  Almost all ski resorts also offer snowboarding.
Google  Wikipedia  DMOZ Open Directory Amazon.com ->  Books Videos Gear

Wikipedia-List of Ski Areas and Resorts.  A good list of ski areas and resorts around the world.
Ski Resorts Guide.  A comprehensive, popular ski resort website.
SkiResorts.com.  Another popular and comprehensive website with ski resort listings.
Skisnowboards.com.  Excellent worldwide coverage of ski and snowboard resorts.
Resorts Online - Skiing. An excellent worldwide resource for the world's leading ski resorts, lodges and hotels. They are also a reservation system for many of the resorts.
GoSki.com. Click on US Resorts or Global Resorts on the navigation bar at the top of their home page.
Onthesnow.com - 50 Most Popular Ski Reports Today.  They have reviews and ratings by skiers of 50 popular ski resorts worldwide along with the latest snowfall, and ratings for nightlife, family-friendliness and the downhill terrain.
Google - Snowboarding Resorts  A good list of snowboarding resorts.
Ski Maps
Google  Wikipedia None  DMOZ Open Directory  Amazon.com ->  Books Videos Gear
Ski.com-Interactive Maps.  3-D maps of worldwide ski resorts.
Skiindex.com - Trail maps.  Ski trail maps for countries of the world..
Alpine Ski Maps.  Ski maps of many European ski resorts.
Trails.com - Ski Resorts and Areas.  This is their Ski Resorts and Ski Areas section covering the United States and Canada.
Skiinfo.com-Ski Maps.  They have ski maps for seven European countries: Norway, Sweden, Austria, Germany, Italy, France and Switzerland.
Downhill Skiing
also known as Alpine skiing
Google  Wikipedia About.com  DMOZ Open Directory  Amazon.com ->  Books Videos Gear

Hal Higdon's Beginner's Skiing Guide.  His website provides good information for learning to downhill ski.
Become an Expert Skier.  Online ski lessons to help you become an expert downhill skier.
Discoverahobby.com-Learn To Ski. Good information and links to websites with online downhill skiing insturction, Books, video and gear.
Cross-Country Skiing
also known as XC skiing
Google  Wikipedia About.com  DMOZ Open Directory  Amazon.com ->  Books Videos Gear
Wintertrails.org.  Excellent information on opportunities to go cross-country skiing in the United States.
Trails.com-Cross-country skiing  This is the Trails.com Cross Country Skiing section with United States and Canadian coverage.  They also have excellent cross-country ski maps.
Google  Wikipedia  DMOZ Open Directory Amazon.com ->  Books Videos Gear
Snowshoe MagazineAn excellent magazine devoted to snowshoeing. Snowshoe Magazine's Guide to Snowshoeing includes Knowing What to Buy, Where to Go, How to Get Started and Learn What's Important when snowshoeing.
Carlheilman.com/SnowshoesAll about snowshoes and techniques and choosing the right snowshoes.
Trails.com - Snowshoeing.  Excellent list and maps of snowshoeing trails in the United States and Canada.
Yahoo! Snowshoeing Directory.  A short list of some popular snowshoeing websites.
Wintertrails.org.  They have comprehensive information on snowshoeing and cross-country skiing events and where to go snowshoeing and cross-country skiing in the United States.

www.trekkinginthealps.com. Snowshoe guided holidays and treks in the French, Swiss, and Italian Alps.
and snowboarding Resorts.
Most ski resorts also offer snowboarding.

Google - Snowboarding Resorts  A good list of snowboarding resorts.
Google - Snowboarding Places  A good list of places to go snowboarding.
Snowboarding.com   One of the premier snowboarding websites.
Transworldsnowboarding.com  An excellent, comprehensive, beautiful website covering all aspects of snowboarding.
About.com - Snowboarding.  Excellent coverage of all aspects of snowboarding.
ABC of Snowboarding.  This is the world's largest Snowboarding Portal! They offer news and information of interest to both beginners to professionals. You have everything you want to know about snowboarding including online lessons. 
Jump Into Snowboarding. ThinkQuest's information on snowboarding from learning to equipment. Includes a history. Oriented toward young people.

Yahoo Directory - Snowmobiling  They have a good list of snowmobiling websites.

Snowtracks.com  They cover snowmobiling in the U.S and Canada
Trail Conditions - Snowmobiles.  The best website we have found that reports on snowmobiling train conditions.  They also have a forum with a number of categories of interest to snowmobilers.
Gordon's Guide-Snowmobiling.  A good list of snowmobile vacation websites.
Google- Worldwide Snowmobiling.  An extensive list of worldwide snowmobiling opportunities.
Ice Skating
We focus on recreational ice skating. O.K., so the girl in the picture seems to be doing something fancy for a recreational skater. Some have more talent than others!
Sometimes the fastest way to find information is to do a direct search on the web. If you are looking for a local ice skating rink or ice skating instructions or one in a place you will be visiting, just type in those words and your city, region, state or province name.  If you know a lake or river that freezes over where you want to skate, try typing in its name in the following form ice skating on <lake or river name>.
Ice Skate Cafe.  The only international directory of ice skating rinks we have found.  A beautiful website with over 1400 ice rinks listed worldwide complete with pictures.
DMOZ Open Directory - Ice Skating Clubs and Rinks.  Organized by regions of worlds, then alphabetically by countries within the region.  To find a club or rink in your area, enter or city, state or province name using your browser - Find on this page option.
Ice Arena and Rink Locator.  Enter a United States - state, city or arena name to see locations in your area.
Recreational Ice Skating Magazine. You can download a free pdf version of their quarterly magazine published by the Ice Skating Institute.
Skatelog - Recreational Ice Skating.  Although this website is focused on various forms of roller skating, they were kind enough to have a section about ice skating. Thanks Kathie.
Where To Ice Skate Outdoors on Lakes and Rivers in North America.  A nice article listing popular places in Canada and New England.
Virtual Library of Sports - Ice Skating.  Excellent coverage of all forms of ice skating worldwide.
Nordic Skating
Google  Wikipedia  DMOZ Open Directory Amazon.com ->  Books Videos Gear

Nordicskater.com.  The best website we have found that covers Nordic skating. Nordic skating is cross-country ice skating using Nordic ice skates.  This website is comprehensive with information on gear, tours, and everything else you want to know about Nordic skating.
Away.com - Nordic Skating.  They have 3 wonderful articles on Nordic skating - Overview and Players, The Gear You Need Top Skating Destinations Worldwide (they cover places in Canada, the United States and Europe).
New York Times Travel - Wild Skating.  A good article on wild skating.
Dog Sledding
"On King, on you huskies" said Sgt. Preston of the Yukon. You too can take dog sled rides, vacations and trips.
Google  Wikipedia  DMOZ Open Directory Amazon.com ->  Books Videos Gear

DMOZ Open Directory - Dog Sledding. They have the most comprehensive list we have found on the web.

Sled Dog Central   If you are interested in finding an outfitter that offers dog sledding rides, this is the best website we have found. They cover worldwide dog sledding activities.

Gordon's Guide - Dog Sledding Vacations.  A good list of vacation packages for those who want to go dog sledding.

Wintergreen Dogsled Lodge.
The Wintergreen Dog Sledding Lodge is in Ely. Minnesota, USA. They have many types of dog sledding tours on scenic trails and cozy lodging..  They have been the north country’s premier recreational dog sledding. center & the nation’s only lodge devoted exclusively to dog sledding for over 25 years.

GORP-Dog Sledding.  They list a few websites related to dog-sledding.

Adventures in Good Company - Dog Sledding Trips for Women.  Adventure travel for women of all ages. 

Winter Festivals and Carnivals
To search the web:   Sometimes the best and quickest way to find a winter festival or carnival is to simply do a direct web search.  If you know the festival or carnival name enter that along with the year (otherwise you may get past years for that event). If you want to know whether there is a winter festival or carnival for a particular place, or don't know the name of it, use those words (e.g., winter festival carnival) along with the place (city, state/province, or country name). Although some places use the word "Fest" you will still pick them up using Winter Festival Carnival.
Comprehensive Websites
these sites cover winter festivals in the USA and worldwide.
Winter Festivals Carnivals Search  Google  Yahoo Directory Live Search  AOL  Ask Meta-search
My Web Search Dogpile

Winter Festivals and Carnivals in the United States.  Excellent map and list. You can search by city, state or region.
Festivals.com. An excellent, comprehensive website for festivals worldwide. Search for Winter Festivals on their site.
About.com - Top 6 Wonderful Winter Festivals.  They review the following festivals (links go to the festival website):

Fur Rendezvous Festival in Anchorage, Alaska, USA
  ESPN Winter X Games in Aspen, Colorado, USA
  Carnaval de Quebec in Quebec City, Canada
  Fort William Mountain Festival in Fort William, Scotland, U.K.
  Telus World Ski and Snowboard festival in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada
  International Hot Air Balloon Festival in Swiss Alps in
Chateaux d'Oex, Switzerland.  
Visitor's Guide to the Chateaux d'Oex Hot Air balloon Festival

      Here are some other websites with information on Chateaux d'Oex and their balloon festival:  Google
, Site 1, Site 2
Wikipedia - List of Winter Festivals. By country but no specific travel information.  Click on the name of the festival to go to a separate Wikipedia page for that festival. There you may find external links to the festival website. Otherwise, take the name of the festival, include the year you want to go and search on the web.
Wikipedia - Winter Carnivals. The beginning of a list of winter carnivals in the world.  They had about ten major ones the last time we checked but there are probably more now.
Ice Sculptures
Google  Wikipedia  DMOZ Open Directory  Amazon.com ->  Books Videos  
World Ice Art - Alaska   IceAlaska is a non-profit organization in Alaska To promote artistic and educational endeavors using ice and To preserve and display all cultures through elegant ice exhibitions. 
Sculptor.org  They have one of the best lists of ice sculpture contests and festivals worldwide.
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