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Space Travel
Yes, you too can travel into space just like astronauts and cosmonauts. All you have to do is give the Russian Space Agency about $20 million dollars and you are good to go (after passing a physical and some training.) Sorry, there are no frequent flyer miles. If you are young, in the coming years some companies are working toward a $200,000 ticket price. Wikipedia has a good article on space tourism with extensive links to space tourism companies and other resources.  The National Space Society also has a good article, as well as, a 13-minute multimedia report on space tourism and good links to space tourism websites.

The first space tourist was
Dennis Tito and since then three more have made the trip.  For the rest of us, NASA has an excellent view port to show us what is happening in space today.


Space Adventures        The only company that can get you into space today via arrangement with the Russian Space Agency.  Make your reservation now!
Virgin Galactic They are taking reservations today for a $200,000 ticket ($20,000 deposit required.)
DMOZ Open Directory - Space Tourism.  A good list and links to space tourism websites.
Private spaceflight companiesThis is the best list of spaceflight companies we have come across. Thanks Wikipedia.
NASA's Homepage Here is the NASA homepage or go directly to their fantastic real-time space flight tracker system with real-time updates of spacecraft that are orbiting the earth.
Space Tourists So Far.  Here are the people who have already gone sightseeing in space and those who might be going soon.

Google - Civilian Space Travel. A comprehensive list of organizations and companies involved in getting tourists into space.
Yahoo - Civilian Space Travel -Space Tours Directory. A comprehensive list of organizations and companies involved in getting tourists into space.
Space Adventures. These are the people who brokered Dennis Tito's space flight. Check out their options for space travel and weightless flight.
Cosmonaut Adventures. A company offering the Russian cosmonaut training course for tourists. If medical tests show you are ineligible, you at least get to take a MIG-29 ride.
Incredible Adventures - Space  They offer cosmonaut flight training, zero-gravity flights, a trip to the edge of space and Hydrolab Training (underwater astronaut training).

Space From Earth

Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum.  Washington, DC. A must-see museum for people interested in space travel.
Kennedy Space Center  Florida. USA Where they launch the Space Shuttle. A short ride from Orlando.
Space Camp  Huntsville, Alabama, California and Florida.
Star City Russian Space Museum Tour.  You will be transferred to the Russian Star City, located in 15.5 miles / 25 km to the east from Moscow, by the company's comfortable bus, together with a guide-interpreter from your Hotel or other place specified by you. The specialists of the Star City will tell you about the almost 50-year history of the Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center and almost 40-year history of the Space Museum. In halls of the Space Museum the unique exhibits reflecting all stages of manned space flights are collected: from the legendary Vostok spacecraft up to the Mir Space Station and the International Space Station.
Russian Space Tours.  Excellent website with information on all the kinds of tours you can take of Russian space-related activities. There are two other space museums in the Moscow area that can be visited by special arrangements: Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics and Museum of Rocket Space Engineering in Korolyov, Russia just north of Moscow.
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