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Here are some good sites that cover spas worldwide. There are three general types of spas: the day spa, the destination spa, and the resort spa. There are many subcategories of these three main types. In addition, a forth type, the "medispa", short for medical spa, is beginning to emerge. Day Spas are spas you can go to for a day but do not stay overnight. They offer massages, facials and body treatments. Some resort spas are also open to local visits on a day basis.  Any spa is designed to improve your mental and physical well-being.

Four Main Types of Spas

Day Spa

Destination Spa Resort Spa Medispa
A Day Spa is a spa you can go to for a day but do not stay overnight. They offer the normal basic spa services such as massages, facials and body treatments. A Destination Spa is designed to help you lead a healthier lifestyle through spa treatments, exercise, exclusive spa cuisine and educational briefings. You will normally stay at least two nights and some spas have minimum stay of three to seven nights. Meals, classes and spa treatments are part of the package price. A Resort Spa is located within a resort and you buy your spa treatments a la carte. You usually have to pay extra for yoga and other classes. The restaurants will offer spa cuisine -- but also regular menus. A Medispa offers traditional spa services. In addition it offers treatments that require a doctor's supervision, such as laser resurfacing and Botox injections.
If you want to search for a specific spa with a search engine, enter the name of the spa or the name of the spa and its location.   Examples:    Club Med Spa      Club Med Spa Mexico
If you want to search for spas in a specific city or country using a search engine, enter the name of the city or country plus one of the following phrases.    Example:    Egypt Spa Resorts, Egypt Spa vacation, Egyptian Spas
About.com Spa Directory.  Excellent, comprehensive site covering everything from staying at a spa to buying spa equipment.  Worldwide coverage.
Spa Magazine All about spas plus you can search worldwide for one by name or destination.
SpafinderOne of the best spa travel sites on the web.  Worldwide list of spas.
Google Spa Directory.  Worldwide directory of spas.
Yahoo Health Spa Directory.  Worldwide directory of spas.
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