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Sports Travel
There are four kinds of Sports Travel.  One is where you want to attend some sporting event in the world. Another is where you are a member of a team and travel to play another team. A third type is if you want to attend a sports camp, and finally there is the person who plays an individual sport for recreation like golf and tennis and wants to find a club or facility where they can play.  Most major travel agency websites have information on sports travel. We cover adventure sports under our Adventure Travel Section.

For Olympic Game websites, see our box at the bottom of this page.

Sports Event Tickets

To find tickets on the web, enter the name of the country, the sports event + tickets.  Here are some worldwide and regional sports ticket websites. We drop you off at their Sports Ticket section.

Sports Ticket Websites

Worldwide TheOnlineTicketShop Ticketmaster Viagogo BigTimeWorldwide
Africa SouthAfrica - Rugby Ticketmaster   BigTimeWorldwide
Asia IndiaSportsTickets Ticketmaster   BigTimeWorldwide
Australia Crickettickets MyTickets Tickets.com BigTimeWorldwide
Canada oodleCanada Ticketmaster-Canada   BigTimeWorldwide
Europe SportsTravelerEurope Ticketmaster-Europe   BigTimeWorldwide
USA Top-10-Ticket-Sites Ticketmaster TicketFinder BigTimeWorldwide
Stubhub.com Tickco.com SportsTickets411  
Sports Travel
For groups and individuals who need to make travel arrangements to see a sports event outside their local area. All offer tour packages. 
  • ESPN Sports Travel. The premier website for travel to sporting events in the United States and worldwide.
  • Roadtrips. They are a premier sports travel company that arranges first class tour packages to thousands of sporting events and games each year, including preferred seating, deluxe accommodations, and expert travel and concierge services for fans and ccompanies that want to reward their key employees and clients.
  • Sports Travel and Tours. They make it easy and affordable for groups and individuals to attend sports events in the United States.
  • SportsTraveler  Another excellent, comprehensive website for worldwide sports events.
  • SportsTravelerEurope. They are one of the best websites to arrange travel to sports events in Europe in addition to arranging travel to worldwide sporting events.
Sports Event Calendars
For those who want to know what sports events are scheduled in the world.  See Wikipedia's List of Sports Events for a comprehensive list and links to all the organized sports in the world.
Sports Team Travel
 For those who are on a sports team and need travel arrangements including accommodations.  
Sports Camps
 For those who want to attend a sports camp.
Personal Sports
 For those who play an individual sport such as golf or tennis and want to find clubs and facilities where they can play outside their local area.



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