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This page is a good place to find web sites and organizations for students who want to study in another country and for those who want to participate in a student exchange program.  . We also include an Adult Study Abroad section for non-student adults who want a learning vacation experience in another country.  This page is primarily focused on Americans but some of the websites have worldwide coverage and may have versions of their website in your native language if it is not English.
Wikipedia Study Abroad.  Excellent article about studying abroad.
Student Exchange Program.  Excellent article about student exchange programs
DMOZ Open Directory Study Aboard Directory.  The most comprehensive directory of study abroad websites on the web.
Mobility International USA International Exchange program for those with disabilities.

Student Study Abroad Organizations

The Council On Standards for International Educational (CSIET)  CSIET is a private, non-profit organization that establishes standards for international youth education and exchange programs. It monitors and provides information about reputable programs. 

It publishes an annual CSIET Advisory List which contains information about programs which have been evaluated and deemed to meet CSIET's national standards. It is an excellent list for parents and youth who are seeking interesting and reliable travel and exchange learning opportunities.   It contains information about 66 international youth travel and exchange organizations. Each organization's listing includes: countries served, brief program descriptions, cost estimates, financial aid opportunities and contact information.  Note: The CSIET Advisory List is also distributed annually to all the high schools in the United States. Contact your High School administration for details.) 
Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE) The CIEE is one of the most well-known organizations that deals with student and faculty travel and study abroad. It is well known for its International Student identity card program.

Some Popular Study Abroad and Student Exchange Websites

American Council for International Studies. ACIS is a leader in educational travel for high school students and teachers. Since 1978, ACIS has provided educational tours to Europe and the world and has been committed to helping students broaden their horizons by exploring new countries and experiencing different cultures
American Institute For Foreign Study (AIFS) and its family of companies organizes cultural exchange programs throughout the world for more than 50,000 students each year. Americans going abroad and other people coming here, au pairs, and adult cultural exchanges.  They cover a full range of cultural exchange activities. ACIS is one of their companies.
The Fulbright Commission - Secondary School Exchange Programs They have a good list and information about organizations that offer cultural and high-school-level exchange programs for students aged 13 to 19. Most of the programs are academic home-stays where students stay with a host family and attend a local high school. Please note that these programs generally expect students to pay their own expenses as scholarships are rare.
CEA -TravelAbroad.   They cover study aboard programs for U.S. college students. Very comprehensive and easy-to-navigate.
GoAbroad.com   This is a comprehensive source of information for studying abroad, finding a language school, overseas internships, international volunteer positions, teaching abroad, and finding jobs in other countries.  It also  has comprehensive sections on Eco-Travel and other subjects.  
NRCSA Web Site.  The National Registration Center for Study Aboard (NRCSA) recommends educational institutions in 38 countries and offers help with registration and travel insurance. 
Worldwide Classroom.  The Worldwide Classroom is a member-funded group of educational institutions that lists 10,000 schools in 95 countries. 
Peterson's Study Abroad Section.   Peterson's is one of the most comprehensive education resources on the web. Their Study Abroad Section offers many ways to find programs you would be interested in. They also offer information and services for students who want to come to the United States.
Studyabroad.com.   An excellent, comprehensive, beautiful, easy-to-navigate site that comes highly recommended by students that have used their services.
Youth For Understanding.  This is one of the oldest and best-known student exchange programs for both American students who want to study abroad and foreign students who want to come to the United States.

Adult Study Abroad

Field Studies Council  The Field Studies Council is an independent educational charity with headquarters in Great Britain.  They promote a better understanding of the environment.  The organization works through a network of residential and day centers that offer a range of  services including overseas courses, training and publications.  They have study tours worldwide for anyone from any country.
Smithsonian Journeys  They are the largest, most diverse museum-based educational travel program in the United States.  They have carefully designed hundreds of tours to destinations worldwide each year.  Their educational travel programs reflect the vision and interests of the Smithsonian Institution and provide a combination of study, discovery, and adventure at a variety of levels.
GoAbroad.com   This is a comprehensive on-line source of information on studying abroad, finding a language school, overseas internships, international volunteer positions, teaching abroad, and finding jobs in other countries.  It also  has comprehensive sections on Eco-Travel and other subjects.  It is the winner of the best study and work abroad internet site. It is also easy to navigate.  Go directly to the Study Abroad or Work Abroad section.
iagora.com. This is a wonderful site with lots of interesting content. A very beautiful site that is well laid out. "Every day, more and more people from every corner of the world are seeking to study, work, and travel abroad. Here at iAgora, we believe that this phenomenon is creating a category of people whose open-mindedness, desire to learn, and human values make them true world citizens. Not surprisingly, these people enjoy each other's company. iAgora is a website created as a meeting place for such internationally-minded people and that's why we call our members Internationals ."
StudyAbroad.com.  This is the best site we have found for comprehensive information about studying abroad. They have listings and links to thousands of study programs in over 100 countries. It is a beautifully designed site.
Transitions Abroad - Work Abroad. Transitions Abroad is a bimonthly guide of practical information on affordable alternatives to just being a tourist or staying in the rat race. In other words living, working, studying, or vacationing alongside people in another country. The link will take you to their Work Section.
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