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   Student Travel
Here are some sites that have information for students who like to travel.  It is a rite of passage in many countries, including the United States for college students to travel overseas during the summer break, often going as backpackers and staying in youth hostels. 
Student Travel Resources
These are comprehensive, popular websites for information on student travel.
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Travel Science Resources Description
Travel Agencies

We link to all major and popular travel agencies including many that focus on discount travel.

Hiking and Backpacking

Good links to all the major hiking and backpacking websites.

Railpasses Links to websites where you can buy railpasses worldwide.
Student Study

Links to major student study organizations and directories for worldwide study opportunities.

Hostels Links to Hostel organizations and directories.
Some Specific Websites 
STA Travel-Cheap Flights.  Excellent list of budget flights to major cities in the world for students and those under 26.
International Student Identity Card.  This Wikipedia article describes the International Student Identity Card and where to obtain one.
DMOZ Open Directory - Student Travel.  The most comprehensive list of student travel websites that we have found.
Wikipedia - Student Exchange Programs.  Good Wikipedia article on student exchange programs.

Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE) The CIEE is one of the most well-known organizations that deals with student and faculty travel and study abroad. It is well known for its International Student identity card program.
Council Travel   Council Travel is America's leader in student travel. They assist more than one million student and budget travelers a year with their plans to see the world. They are a full-service international travel agency and a member of the Student and Youth Travel Association (SYTA) of North America, International Student Travel Confederation, Student Air Travel Association (SATA), and ASTA, among others.  They also cover work, study and volunteering abroad.
GoAbroad.com  This is a comprehensive on-line source of information on studying abroad, finding a language school, overseas internships, international volunteer positions, teaching abroad, and finding jobs in other countries.  It also  has comprehensive sections on Eco-Travel and other subjects.  It is the winner of the best study and work abroad internet site. It is also easy to navigate.  Go directly to the Study Abroad or Work Abroad section.
International Student Travel Confederation (ISTC).  A well-known, non-profit confederation of student travel organizations around the world whose mission is to promote and assist students and young people who want to travel the world. They have offices all over the world.
People To People Student Ambassador Program  A well-known organization. their People to People Student Ambassador Program is the nation’s leading overseas experience for middle school and high school students.
Sleepinginairports.net If you think you will need to sleep in an airport, go to this site and read the reviews about safety and the quality of airports around the world.
Statravel.com  STA Travel is another good student travel service. With more than 200 locations around the world, they are the world's largest travel company for students and young people. They have developed their own network of Travel Help service locations in 50 countries to assist their clients.
Student and Youth Travel Association.   SYTA is a non-profit, professional trade association that promotes student and youth travel and seeks to foster integrity and professionalism among travel service providers. SYTA is the "Voice of Student & Youth Travel™"  See their list of member tour operators, travel agencies and other travel-related companies.
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