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Time and Date
The world is divided into 24 time zones. The NASA Space Academy has a nice brief description of UTC and GMT. Universal Time Coordinated (UTC) is the time standard used today throughout the world. The previous standard was Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).
Quick Reference
Time Zone Converter Enter any date, time and place in the world and select a place where you want to know what the corresponding time will be or is now.  Or go to their home page for more time information.
worldtimeserver.com One of the best world time websites. Current world times plus a wealth of other information.
Time Zone Map The best color time zone map we have found on the web!
Wikipedia - Time Zone Good articles on world time zones and the 12-hour clock and the 24-hour clock.
Globe Daylight Saving Time Yearly start and end dates for daylight savings time in United States, European Union and rest of the world.
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Time Zone Maps

They have a good selection of U.S. and world time zone maps.

Google - Time Zones.   Good list of time zone websites.
Day/Night In The World.  This site shows a wonderful map of the world indicating where it is day and night.
World Time Server.  One of the best world time websites. Current world times plus a wealth of other information.
Local Times Around The World.  This beautifully done site is maintained by ClariNET Internet Solutions.
www.timeanddate.com  This is a wonderful site to quickly find the local time in a city of the world. You can search by city name or select the region the city is in. The cities for a region are listed in alphabetical order in a single table with the local time next to them. If you click on a city, it not only gives you the local and GMT time but the sunrise and sunset time.
United States Official Time.   This is the official U.S. Government Time Site, a joint venture of the National Institute of Standards and technology (NIST) and the United States Naval Observatory (USNO). It is a beautiful site. You select a U.S. Time Zone and the time is displayed for that zone and updated each second on your screen (if Java enabled).  The time is accurate to within one second.
  • You can also download a free program from NIST that will automatically sync your PC/Mac clock to the official U.S. Time for your time zone.  You can control whether to do this manually or automatically.
  • They also have a Time Exhibits page with links to interesting sites with time topics including the history of time in the world.
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