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Tipping is considered good manners Most travel guides give advice on tipping as part of their country or city destination information. The web is, of course, the most popular way to quickly find out how much you should tip. Like all web information, different websites may have different opinions. A website with good tipping information will make it easy for you to find the tipping rules for a specific city or country.

Did you know that the word "tip" is an acronym for "to insure promptness"?
In the English Language, tips are usually called a gratuity or service charge on a bill.  The tip amount may already be included on your bill or left blank for you to fill in. 

Besides the web, there are tipping apps for your Android or Apple smart phone that help you compute a tip.

Note: Do not confuse a cover charge with a tip.  A cover charge is a fee that is sometimes charged to get in a place such as a bar, restaurant, or nightclub.  It has nothing to do with tipping.


An important thing to remember about tipping -
if you are paying a bill, see if they have already included a "service charge" or "gratuity" on the bill.  Many places automatically include the tip in your restaurant bill or bar tab. If they do, there is no need to provide an additional tip unless it was really extraordinary service.

Most tipping information gives a percentage for a service (e.g., bartender, hair dresser), as well as, an amount in U.S. dollars or in the local currency (or both).  The percent to pay for a given service should be good even if the information is several years old unless the country is in the midst of an economic crisis.
Of course, there are services where no bill is involved. Such as tipping a valet or the hotel maid.  In these cases, a  tipping guide will give you an expected amount to tip or a range to tip in the local currency. Some may include the amount in an international currencies such as in U.S. Dollars or the Euro).
Tipping Apps

Some apps have fixed percentages to choose from and some let you choose the percent you want to tip.  Some let you compute splitting the tip among a group. Some apps are designed for use within your own country and some have a global tipping calculator where you chose a country.  Most just let you calculate an amount without providing additional information about tipping customs of the country.  Use your smart phone web search capability for additional tipping information for a specific service and country.
A Guide To Tipping Apps.  U.S. News and World Report.
Tipping Apps Come To The Rescue for Stumped Americans  NY Post newspaper.
Some Tipping Websites
Rick Steves' - Tipping in Europe.  Rick Steves is a well-known travel expert on Europe. This is the best website we have found about tipping in Europe.  Excellent insight and advice.
Business Insider - How To Tip in 24 Countries Around the World. Basic information, but the countries are not in alphabetically order, so you will need to use your browser's find on this page option to jump to a specific country instead of scrolling down the page.
Fodor's -How to tip when traveling around the world.  Excellent. Includes an overview of tipping in the United States and then a simple chart for tipping situations in the United States.  For worldwide travel, they have basic tipping information for major countries. The countries are listed in alphabetical order.
Tipping Guide: A Traveler's Guide To Tipping At Home And Abroad. From the Huffington Post.
Who To Tip  Another good website we have found with worldwide tipping information. 
Conde Nast Traveller   Covers 50 countries around the world.  Gives tipping amounts as a percentage of the service charged, or when it is an individual service (e.g., tour guides, bellhops), the amount in U.S. dollars as well.  Also indicates, for each country, whether dollars are accepted.
Your Ultimate Tipping Guide. U.S. News and World Report. 

Tips on Tipping - Tipping Etiquette   Good overview and details about tipping in the United States plus on cruises.

Tipping Around The World   From the U.K. Guardian newspaper. It actually covers major European countries plus just a few other countries outside Europe.  Good information.

Best Way to Find Tipping Information - Use your favorite browser to search for----
  • All types of tipping (e.g., restaurant, hotel maid, travel guide, etc.) for a city or country
  • Tipping for specific services (e.g. in restaurant, hotel maid, bartender, etc.) in a city or country.
  • Tipping may also vary by state, province, or a region of a country.  For restaurants, it may vary depending on whether it is an expensive or less-expensive restaurant.
  • Yes, there are actually countries where tipping is not expected or is considered an insult!
  • Caution:  Some websites may not have up-to-date tipping information. Look for a date on the page or check the copyright date at the bottom of a page.

Examples of keywords to use in a search:

For all types of services in a country:  Canada tipping rules, tipping in Canada, etc.

For all types of tipping in a city:  London tipping rules, tipping in London, etc.
For a specific type of service in a country or city:    tipping Paris restaurants, tipping hotel maids in Japan, etc.

If you have a favorite travel guide or travel website, either go to their website and use their search capability or just use your favorite search engine and type in the name of the website + tipping in (country or city name).  For example:  Lonely Planet Tipping in Australia. 

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