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Travel agencies are listed in alphabetical order. Unless otherwise noted, they cover both leisure and business travelers. Most sites are in the United States. A few are in the United Kingdom. These are indicated by the British flag.United Kingdom

Click on the appropriate letter-group to find a travel agency by name. 


SmarterTravel.com Go To: Vacations
An excellent online travel agency plus they have much helpful travel information organized in useful categories.  They have articles covering Travel Tips, Travel Advice, Travel Strategies and Travel News. They also have excellent columnists - Ed Perkins among them.
The Connected Traveler Go To: Guides
A wonderful site with a point of view that has the normal travel agency features, as well as, interesting travel information.  They have interesting commentary about the world of travel and include sections on humor, Sustainable tourism,  Stories, Photo and Video, and Travel Tech among others. Try their Radio "The Sound" of the World" with 24-hour travel news and commentary and sounds from around the word. They do not have travel guides for countries but check out their extensive list of on-line travel information websites in their Guides section. 
Thomas Cook  United Kingdom


A very famous name in the travel business.  The link will take you to their main website in The United Kingdom. 

Go To:  Destinations

This online travel agency's great asset is the wealth of travel information they have and a good navigation system.
Travelnow.com Go To: Destination Guides
This is a clean, well-organized, and easy-to-navigate travel agency.  They let you easily book a flight, make a hotel reservation, or book a car rental.
TravelPage Go to:   Destinations
This is a good, well-organized, and easy-to-navigate travel agency with some nice features. Besides making reservations, they let you easily get to airlines, hotels, cruise lines and other travel sites. Their Destinations section takes you to a world map. Once you click on a region, you are either taken to another map showing each country or a list of countries for the region. They have their own information, as well as, let you jump off to other sites.

Go to:   Destination Guide

This is a highly-ranked site because of their excellent Leisure Travel section and consistent listing of the lowest airfares available. There is easy log in, search, and extensive travel content that includes photos, maps, and descriptions of hotel accommodations. Their flight paging service delivers flight information to your alphanumeric pager. Their Destination Guide lets you select by country, city or region of the world.
Travelwizard.com Go to:  Luxury Travel Guides
This beautifully laid out website covers luxury travel worldwide including escorted luxury tours.
Travelzoo.com Go to:  Luxury Travel Guides
One of the top online travel websites.
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