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Travel agencies are listed in alphabetical order. Unless otherwise noted, they cover both leisure and business travelers. Most sites are in the United States. A few are in the United Kingdom. These are indicated by the British flag.United Kingdom

Click on the appropriate letter-group to find a travel agency by name. 


Uniglobe Travel Agency Locator   
They do not have online travel services, but you can find the nearest Uniglobe Travel Agency in your city.  They have travel offices worldwide.
Yahoo! Travel Go to:  Travel Guides
Yahoo! has a well designed and integrated site. Travelocity provides the reservation system. Besides air, car and hotel reservations, the site also includes a great search capability.  Users can search for a vacation package based upon desired region, type of vacation, number of days, and keywords. You can research a trip by specifying an activity, destination, life style or interest.  They also have links to specialty sites.  And like Expedia they have featured countries with full travel information, reservation and booking services.  For places where they do not have full information, they let you link to other web sites  
City Guides  U-Z
Wallpaper City Guides Buy at Amazon.com
These City Guides are cover a few of the major cities of the world in style. Includes the usually information on where to stay eat, shop and what to see. Their pocket-sized format makes it easy to carry and use.
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