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The travel catalogs we list here have to do with travel product items and not vacation tour packages which are also contained in "travel catalogs".  Now that there is Amazon.com and all the major department and outdoor stores have websites, the travel catalogs have a lot of competition for selling travel accessories and travel books. There are fewer travel catalogs, in print and on the web, today than before the internet and those that have survived all have websites.  Some well-known travel stores still have have on-line shopping as well as printed catalogs.  Here are a few sources of on-line travel catalogs.
Buyer's Guide -Travel Catalogs  A comprehensive list and links to online travel catalogs.
JohnnyJet.com - Travel Catalogs's  A good list and links to popular travel catalogs.
Magellan's  Magellan's is the leading source of travel supplies. Their web site lets you select and order any of their products from clothes to books to travel gadgets. They also provide some nice travel information and links to other sites. Clicking on their name will take you to their home page or click on the Travel Health Link to go directly to that section.
SkyMall Catalog - Travel Section  This is the Travel section of their online catalog. They have all the usually travel items and accessories including travel gear, luggage sets, briefcases, totes and personal travel electronics.
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