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Travel clubs come in several varieties but almost all require membership.  There are travel clubs which offer travel discounts to their members and travel clubs that cater to certain types of travelers such as women, senior citizens, singles, independent or business travelers, again with membership advantages such as special trips or tours and discounts. There are also some travel clubs formed to make tourism and travel more friendly to the planet and its inhabitants.

There are some traveler clubs for those who love to travel the world
and keep track of the places they visited - sort of like a travel score card. Some traveler clubs are social clubs for the upper class who happen to be living in a foreign country or visiting another country.  These are membership clubs with prestigious members who are carefully screened before being accepted. Money and high government or business positions, or accomplishments, are part of the qualifications. Finally there are some explorer clubs that support exploration.

Travel Clubs for Ordinary People

Yahoo Travel - Membership Clubs.  This is their list of membership clubs related to travel.
TravelersDigest.com -Travel Clubs.  An excellent list of travel clubs with links to their websites.
Travelers Advantage. This is the largest travel club in the United States. Clicking on their name will take you to their home page. Parts of their site are available to non-members and other parts you must have a user name and password. Membership information is available on their homepage.
Google - Senior Travel Clubs.  These is their search results. We did not find any large national or international senior travel clubs, but there are some local ones.
The Globetrotters Club. The Globetrotters Club is a non-profit travel club for independent travelers & travel enthusiasts of all ages.  It has existed for over sixty years. Club members share travelogues, travel information & experiences, hospitality and friendship. Although based in the U.K., it has a worldwide membership of about 500 people. It has local chapter meetings in London, England and Toronto, Canada. It has a newsletter and offers discounts to members.
The Women's Travel Club. An excellent women's travel cub "designed by women for women".

World Explorers Club.  This club is dedicated to the exploration, discovery, understanding and preservation of the mysteries of man and nature. Members go where few have ventured before and dare to challenge traditional academic dogma in their effort to learn the truth.

Traveler Clubs for World Travelers on a Quest
Although there are only a few hundred countries in the world, there are over 600 unique places to visit. That is a grand quest!
The Guiness Book of World Records no longer has a Most Traveled Person category since no one can agree on a list of places.

Most Traveled People.com  This organization is the one to join if you are an avid traveler who is always looking for a new place to visit.  Its members are globetrotting the world to visit all 673 of the places they have designated as unique travel destinations.  There is no sign-up fee to register. They require documentation to prove you have traveled to the places you say you have.
Traveler's Century Club.   Wikipedia has an article on them. So does About.com.  They were the first traveler's club to keep track of the number of countries visited by each member.  There is a membership fee.

The Travelers Club and the Explorer Club

The Travelers Club The Travelers Club was founded in 1819 in London ,England. Wikipedia has an excellent article about the club.  It is for the upper class, wealthy and well connected individuals. It is a social club for travelers and has agreements with about 100 other gentleman travelers clubs in the world.
The Explorers Club The Explorers Club was founded in 1904.  Its headquarters is in New York City.  It promotes exploration of the planet and field sciences. 
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