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travel companion is someone who accompanies you on a trip. Although it could be your wife, partner, relative or friend, here we are talking about strangers.   These are also known as travel partners, travel mates and trip companions.  Someone you don't know and have never traveled with before.  Older people, especially women, like to have a travel companion when traveling to other countries, even on escorted tours. Sometimes this is to avoid the single supplement that tour companies impose if there is just one person for the hotel room or cruise cabin. Sometimes it is for a feeling of security or that they just enjoy someone else's companionship on a trip.

There are many travel companion organizations that help match up people. Here are some websites to help you in your search for someone to be your companion on a trip including where you just want someone to share a ride with you in a car to some destination. If you have not been a travel companion, or had a travel companion before, be sure to read some of the advice offered below.  You want to have someone who is compatible with you on basic things like attitudes toward eating (fast food or regular restaurants or it doesn't matter), sleep habits (early riser or late going to bed.) and expensive (budget-minded or splurge). It's very important to comparison shop for a travel companion, and have sufficient time to get to know them before you start your trip.  Also, they need to, of course, share in the travel arrangements for the trip.

Search The Web
To find some websites and possible travel companions, we suggest the following:
Note: Try either the term travel companion, trip companion or travel partner. Be as precise as possible but don't expect exact date matches to the nearest day.
Travel companion + trip destination + time period Travel companion to Europe January 2008
Ride-sharing + origination - destination + time period Ride-Sharing Los Angeles to Phoenix December 2007.
Travel companion + type + time period Travel companion Caribbean cruise late Feb 2008


Advice on Finding a Travel Companion
Picking a travel companion is almost like picking a date from an online dating service except instead of being stuck for a night out for dinner with someone that is not your type, you may be stuck for two weeks with someone that you really didn't want as a travel companion after all.
Helium - Tips for Finding the Ideal Travel Companion.  Excellent advice.  Here is their complete list of the advice from all the people who submitted ideas. 
Ask Metafile - How Do I Find a Travel Companion.  Some of the people who responded to a question about finding a travel companion have opinions about some of the travel companion websites we list on this page that are worth reading.
Los Angeles Times - Finding a Travel Companion.  A good article on ride-sharing from 2006.
SmarterTravel.com - Finding a Travel Companion - Maybe Even a Vegan. Good article about finding a travel companion, going solo and finding vegetarian not only
Roaming Times - RV Travel Companion.  They have a list of things you might like to consider in choosing a travel companion with you have a recreational vehicle (RV).
Road Trip Travel Companions
This is where you or someone else is driving a car, usually one-way, to a destination and you, or they. want to find a travel companion to go along.  Some of the sites listed below also cover commuter ride-sharing as well.
erideshare.com. United States and Canada. Yahoo! says this is the most popular ride-sharing website on the Internet.  They cover both commuting and ride-sharing for one-way, long-distance trips.
Rideboard.com United States and Canada. This is an excellent web-based rider/driver matching service and travel directory for car travel in the United States and Canada. They have been around since at least 2001 when we started our website.
Craigslist.com - Rideshare. Los Angeles, California, USA.  A lot of ride-share postings starting in the Los Angeles Area to various destinations in the United States.
Compartir.org - Ride-Sharing in Europe.  Worldwide   Ride-sharing is very popular in Europe due to the high cost of petrol (gasoline).  This is a popular website in several languages. We drop you off at the English version of the site with comprehensive ride-sharing information for not only all the countries of Europe but they also have listings for some other countries of the world.  They include both commuting and one-way trips. (Compartir means to share in Spanish). 
Lonely Planet-Thorn Tree Traveling Companions. A very popular site covering world-wide destinations. This link will take you to the Traveling Companion section of their message board where you can post a message looking for a travel companion or search the posted messages for others seeking a companion. 
Travel Companion Services
Listed in alphabetical order except for the first 3 websites. Most travel companion websites require registration and this is usually free.
(We are not an affiliate of anyone.)
DMOZ Open Directory - Travel Companions. A good list of websites including for handicapped travelers.
Google - Finding a Travel Companion Search.  An extensive list. We include some of the websites that are at the top of their list in this section.
Travel Chums.  This is one of the most popular travel companion websites on the Internet.  It has over 35,000 members and posts many testimonials on the friendships that have formed between members.  You get a personal Web page, and there are message boards and e-mail bulletins. It's an excellent resource. Membership is free, or you can become a subscriber for $15 per month and get additional benefits.

AimHigher-Travel Companions.  This is a Singles Travel website with a classified travel companion service.
Arthur Frommer's - Share A Trip. A popular place to post a message seeking a travel companion.
Connecting-Solo Travel Network.  Another good site to find a travel companion. See their Travel Companion Guidelines and Travel Companion Ads.
Geocities - Companion. Here is the search results within the Geocities site. They have a Travel Companion category and also member pages of members looking for travel companions.
Leisure Linkup  Link up with a travel companion, activity partner or make a local connection.
Mango-Tree.  Find a travel partner for adventure travel worldwide or start your own travel group or meet someone at your destination.
Roaming Times - Finding an RV Travel Companion.  This is their classified personal ad section that lists people with RVs or people who want to be a travel companion of someone that has an RV. 
TravelAcquaintance.com.  They include both finding a travel companion for a trip, as well as, finding a companion when you are already at your destination. Registration is required for a fee and you get some free "tokens".
TravelPod.com - Find a Travelmate Forum.  Use their search box at the bottom of the page to narrow your search.
TravelersMeet.com   You can find a new friend, travel companion, activity mate or date using this service.
TravelMatesOnLine.  This website gives you options for narrowing your search for a travel mate based on such things as your destination area in the world and the type of trip (backpacking, cruises, etc) and so forth. They have a penpal service, a message board, photo gallery and travel tools to help you plan your trip.
Yahoo! Travel - Companion Services.  Short list of travel companion websites.
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