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Travel counselors, travel specialist, and personalized travel planning are some of the terms used to describe individuals and companies that will help you plan a trip or vacation. Sometimes you will need to initially fill in an online form with your vacation interests, locations, budget, etc. Then they will get back to you with a list of suggested vacations or help you plan a trip either by email or phone. Think of it as personalized travel planner via the web. But a travel agency in your hometown that has someone experienced in the places you want to go or what you want to do is still probably the best option you have to get help in planning a complicated trip.

Planning a complicated trip to a developing country can be a real challenge.  You do have other options besides using a travel planner, especially if you are an experienced world traveler or feel comfortable traveling alone or with a companion.  The best tools we have found are doing research on the web the the places you want to visit and taking advantage of websites like VirtualTourist.com where you can make contact via email and phone with people living in the places you want to visit.

If you want to search for online travel planning advice, use search words like the following:



expert travel planning assistance <place> <activity> Expert Travel Planning assistance Peru Trip
travel specialist <place> <activity> travel specialist Amazon river cruise
personalized travel planning <place> personalized travel planning Jamaica
personalized travel <place> personalized travel Egypt
travel counselor <place> travel counselor for Paris Trip


American Express - Find a Travel Specialist  This is their personal travel planner selection page.  First you select an activity or destination and then they show a page listing travel specialists for it.  The travel specialist's name. address, phone and email is provided along with an Accreditation description.  You then contact the person, have an initial consultation and they will tell you any planning fees that will apply.  A fee will usually apply to complex itineraries.
Virtuoso.com.  This is the travel industry's leading leisure travel specialist network.  They have over 6,000 travel specialists who are chosen by invitation only to become virtuoso travel specialists,  They will help you plan your luxury travel to any place in the world and for any activity you have in mind.
Respond.com.  They offer personal travel planning once you pick a category.
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