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Phileas Fogg and Passepartout approach the Swiss Alps

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Travel forums are places to share travel experiences and find out what other travelers have to say about their latest trip or impressions of a particular travel company or place. Forums may take the form of, and be called, Discussions, Travel Talk, Chat Rooms, Message Boards, and, more recently, Travel Blogs.  Travel blogs are so popular, we have a separate Travel Blogs topic.  Also see our Travel Newsgroups topic.

You can get on a forum and ask a question such as asking something about a place you plan to visit.  Many travel forums organize discussions by categories such as solo travel, cruises, etc.  Sometimes forums are in the form of reviews where you can post your impression, including pros and cons, praise and criticism, about a specific cruise ship, hotel, airline, or tour that you have taken.  Some forums require you to register which is almost always free.

You will often find good travel tips here. Some forums have a moderator and travel experts that answer questions. Other forums and message boards just let you post your message and read other people's comments. Some have audio chats and interactive forums. Almost all online travel agencies have forums.

Sometimes, the best way to find out about a travel subject is just to do a web search.  Just enter your question and include words like reviews, comments, personal experience, or discussion in your search.

In Alphabetical order

Arthur Frommer's Travel Message Board  (Budget Travelers) Excellent message board with interesting topic list plus easy message search by countries of the world.
BootsnAll.com (Independent Travelers) They say they are the ultimate resource for the independent travelers. A nice, clean, well-organized site with in-depth information for the independent travelers. They have a friendly approach including discussion boards, travel stories, travel guides, book reviews and an Insider section where you can email people in the country or city you plan to visit to ask them questions. Isn't that great! That's the closest thing to a Global Village that a travel website can provide!.
Chatmag.com.  They have a good list and links to travel forums.
Concierge.com Travel Discussions (Luxury and Deluxe Travelers) They have done a wonderful job at this site. The really nice thing is that you can also search by travel topic, category or place in the world. 
Cruise411.com - Cruise Reviews  (Cruise Travelers) Passengers write about their experience aboard a specific cruise ship.
Fodor's Forums  (Any Traveler) This well known site has an excellent Forum section organized by categories. 
Gorp.com - Community  (Independent travelers, some with an adventurous spirit!) Discussion boards for various categories and other interesting topics you can ask expert advice on plus much more!
Igougo.com  (Any Traveler) I Go U Go is a wonderful website with people sharing their travel experiences through travel reports, forums and message boards. You can also book travel with them.
Lets Go Community   (Independent and budget travelers) They have a Discussion Forum, Researcher Blog (their travel writer blogs) and Eye of the Beholder section (pictures submitted by people).
Lonely Planet  (Independent travelers, some with an adventurous spirit!) Lonely Planet has two sections with excellent information from travelers.
  • Thorn Tree.  This is their newsgroup and message board section. Includes a section organized by region and countries.
  • Postcards.  Lonely Planet's Postcards section is a collection of stories from travelers with practical advice on traveling the world.  You can send in your story too.     
MSN Groups - Places and Travel.  This is MSN's groups related to places and travel.
Rough Guides - Travel Talk (Independent travelers, some with an adventurous spirit!) Their categories are organized by destinations, special interest topics and comments on their series of Rough Guides.  You can post messages, ask questions, and get answers, and provide feedback and suggestions  Registration is optional and you can freely read and post messages without registering
AirlineQuality.com (Air Traveler)  The world's largest colelction of passenger opinions on specific airlines, airports, and airline lounges.
Travel Channel - Forums (Any Traveler)  We takeyou to their list of furms. Also check out their Share Your Trip page.
Travel Notes - Forum (Any Traveler)  A Travel Message Forum with travelers submitting travel experiences and questions. You can search by topic and key words.
Travelocity.com- Message Board (Any Traveler)  organized by regions of the world and then countries within the region.  Also includes travel categories with related message boards for cruises, lifestyles, etc.  They also have a Travelers Review section where traveler's rate hotels and cruises, etc.
Virtual Tourist- Discussions (Any Traveler)  A Travel Message Forum with travelers submitting travel experiences and questions. Organized by city, country or World. You can also search by topic and key words.
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