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Travel Frauds and Scams

Here are some sources of information on travel fraud and scams. We also have a page on Travel Security that covers personal security (protecting yourself from criminals when traveling, safety tips and country travel warnings).

Here are the Google search results for Travel Scams and Travel Fraud with good list of useful websites.

Some Key Travel Scams and Crimes Resources

About.com - Travel Scams and Fraud.  Excellent articles on how to avoid becoming a victim and what to do if you

National Fraud Information Center.  The U.S. National Consumer League's website. They also have Tips for Avoiding Travel Fraud.

Federal Trade Commission (FTC) - Consumer Protection -Travel.  United States FTC Travel Section.

AARP-Travel Fraud Article - An excellent article from AARP on travel scams.
Travel Scams - 10 Tips to Avoid Getting taken.  Excellent list from scambusters.org.
About.com - Top Ten Signs of a Possible Travel Fraud.  Excellent list and explanation of what to look for plus good links to other resources.
ASTA TravelSense - Travel news and information on travel scams from the American Society of Travel Agents. Also a good article on how to avoid travel scams.
Bestfares.com Fraud Squad.  A good article about travel fraud with descriptions and links to organizations you can contact.
FTC -Travel.  The U.S. Federal Trade Commission article on travel fraud and tips to protect yourself.
Internet Fraud Watch - Travel Tips - Travel Tips to avoid being a victim of Internet travel scams and frauds.
USTOA - Consumer Protection - This is the United States Tour Operators Association consumer protection page.
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