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These travel guides, destination sections of online travel companies, and directories are some of the most popular ones on the web. They have comprehensive travel and destination information. Almost all online travel agencies also have extensive destination and travel information.  This list also contains travel guides and travel resources you can get to without having to go to a travel agency site.  We also include well-known travel guides whose websites describe the paperback editions they publish even if they do not have online travel information or only have summary information.

Some Gold Star Sites.
* * * If you are a world traveler, for a very special treat, try the SuperTravelNet.com website.  This is how you dreamed a world travel website should be navigated. Start with an interactive map of the world, zoom in and keep zooming until you find an area of a country you are interested in. What is the special treat? As you zoom in there is a list of cities and villages to the side of the map and information categories that are within the chosen area. This is a Gold Star site in our book.  Another Gold Star site for world city guides is the fantastic World Executive website. (Didn't you get a gold star when you were in school?)  For those hitting the road in the United States or Canada, Travelocity has put together some local discoveries you might want to visit on your trip or if they are within a day trip from where you live.  They call them Local Secrets - Big Finds.

Travel Guide Reviews.  Here are some websites that have reviews of travel guidebook series and websites: Book Reviews: Kingwood College Library, Independent Traveler.com Website Reviews: ConsumerSearch, Thegoodwebguide.

A Brief History of Travel Guides Travels Long, Strange Odyssey by Susanne Mantell that appeared in Publishers Weekly in January, 2006 is a wonderful, concise review of popular travel guide series, how they came about, and how they have changed over the years.  For details of some of the famous guide book authors, see the Wikipedia Guide Book topic. 

Other Travel Science Destination Resources

Travel Agencies All the major web travel agencies with links to their home page and Destination Guides with detailed tourist information.
World Links All the countries and capital cities of the world with links to travel information for each place.
Destinations Our Destinations section with links to sites that have tourist information for 23 regions of the world (e.g., Europe, Asia, Africa, South Pacific, etc.)
Travel Topics For those interested in specific activities (e.g., adventure travel, hiking, etc.),  we have over 200 travel topics to choose from.
If you know of other web sites that have good online travel guides, please send us feedback. Thanks!

  Adventure Guides  Site  Buy
Country Guides  
 All country guides include information on cities and are worldwide unless otherwise noted.   
* * * = Excellent site
   AAA Guides  Buy
   About-Travel  Site   
   Access Guides  Buy 
   Adventure Guides  Buy
   Around The World Travel Guide Site
   Avant-Guides  Buy
   Baedeker Guides Buy
Berkley Guides  Buy
Best Places Guides-USA, Canada
   Big Blue Marble.com  Site
   Birnbaum's Travel Guides  Buy
   Blue Guides  Buy
   BootsnAll.com Travel Guides  Site  
   Bugbog Travel Guides  Site
   Cadogan Guides  Buy
   Cheap Eats and Sleeps Buy
   Columbus World Travel Guide Site
  * * *
   Concierge  Site
   Connected Traveler  Site  
 * * *
   Countriesandcities.com  Site
   CountryWatch  Site
   Culture Shock!  Buy
   DMOZ Directory - Regional  Site   
* * *
   EscapeArtist.com  Site   
   Essential Guides  Buy
   Excite Travel Destinations Site 
   Expedia Destination Guides Site 
   Eyewitness Travel Guides  Buy
   Fielding Guides  Buy
   Find Our Community  Site
   Fodor's Travel Guides  Buy
   Footprint Handbooks  Buy
   Forbes Traveler  Site  
   Frommer's Travel Guides  Buy
   Geographia Site
   Globetrotter Guides  Buy
   GoNOMAD  Site
   Great Destination Guides  Buy
Great Eats and Sleeps  Buy
   Green Guides  Buy
   Guide 105 Site
   How To See The World Site 
   HM USA Travel Guides  Site
iagora.com Site
   iexplore.com Site
   igougo.com   Site  
* * *
   Independent Traveler  Site
   Insider's Guides
Insight Guides  Buy
Insight Pocket Guides  Buy
   Intraporta Guide Site  
   In your Pocket Guides Site

   Johnny Jet Travel Portal Site
   Just Marvelous Walking Tours  Buy
   Karen Brown's Travel Guides 
Knopf Guides  Buy
   Let's Go Travel Guides  Buy
   Lonely Planet  Buy 
* * *
   Lots of Places.com Site
   Luxury Travel Guides Site  

Michelin Guides  Buy
Moon Handbooks  Buy
MyTravel Guide Site

National Geographic Traveler Site  
   Driving Guides-USA, Canada  Buy
   Park Profile-USA, Canada  Buy
   Traveler-Worldwide  Buy
Nationsonline  Site  
 * * *
New York Times Travel Section Site
Off the Beaten Path Guides  Buy
One World-Nations Online Site   * * *
One Bag   Site
Open Road Guides  Buy
Passport Guides  Buy
Planetware.com   Site
Professional Travel Guide  

RealTravel  Site
Rick Steves' - Europe  Buy 
* * *
Rough Guide - Travel  Buy

Sacred Destination Travel Guides  Buy
Schmap  Site
Sierra Club Guides  Buy
Simple Guides  Buy
SoftGuides Network Site
SuperTravelNet.com Site 
* * *
The Big Blue Marble.com  Site
The Civilized Explorer Site
The Directory of Travel Site
Time Out Travel Guides  Buy
Tourist Offices Worldwide Site
Travel & Leisure   Site  
* * *
Travel Channel Site
Travel Classics   Site
Travel.com Site
Travelers Digest   Site
Travellerspoint   Site
TravelNotes.org  Site
Travelnow  Site
Travel.org  Site
Travelocity Destinations  Site
Travel Resources on The Web Site
TravelShop Site
Travel-Smart Guides-USA  Buy
TravelWise   Site
Travelwizard  Site
TripAdvisor Site  
* * *
TripSpot.com  Site  
* * *

USAToday Travel Site
Virtual Tourist Site 
* * *
WATA Country List Site
* * *
World66.com Site
World Sites Atlas
World Tourism Directory  
Site  * * *
World Travel Guide.com
World Travel Guide.net
Site  * * *
 Site  * * *
Worldweb Travel Guide
Yahoo! Travel Guides  Site 
* * *
Yahoo! Destination Guides Site
Yahoo! Regional: Countries Site

Yahoo! GeoCities: Travel Site

City Guides

   Birnbaum Travel Guides  Site
   CityGuide.com Site
   CitySearch.com Site
   CybercityGuides.com Site 
only hotels
   Digital City Site
   Fodor's City MiniGuides Site
* * *
   In Your Pocket City Guides Site

   MSN City Guides Site
SoftGuides Site
Time Out Travel Guides  Buy
TripAdvisor Site
Wallpaper City Guides  Buy
World Executive City Guides  Site 
* * *
World66.com Site
World City Guides Site
Worldroom.com  Site  
* * *
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