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Phileas Fogg and Passepartout approach the Swiss Alps

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What a sunset! Wish you were here. These travel guides, website travel sections, and directories are some of the most popular out there.  Most offer comprehensive travel and destination information. We have also included some guides covering special areas, such as backpacking.  Country guides usually include information on cities, while city guides usually only cover cities.  They are listed in alphabetical order.

Click on the appropriate letter-group to find a travel guide by name. 



Country Guides   K-O

Karen Brown's Travel Guides

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What a delightful website! With easy navigation.  They offer excerpts from each of their guides. "Explore old towns and friendly villages with cozy cottages, quaint country inns and ancient castles in Europe, the USA and Mexico.  Regardless of your travel budget, you will find delightful accommodations and sightseeing highlights that we have personally experienced.
Let's Go Travel Guides

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Let's Go travel guides are written by Harvard research-writers traveling the world on specific assignments. They provide very practical, first-person insightful information for budget travelers and students out exploring the world. Their on-line Travel Guide has useful information and information on all their guide books. They also have a newsletter- The Yellowjacket.
Lonely Planet  * * *

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We love the Lonely Planet web site and think you will too. They offer practical, informative, down-to-earth, travel advice just like their wonderful travel guides and phrasebooks.

One of the largest listing of places of any website, over 400 countries and islands. The countries are listed in alphabetically on one page. Clicking a country takes you to a page with links to usually four pages: general tourist information, vacation packages, travel agencies in that country, and Travel vacation Packages.
Luxury Travel Guides

This is the Travelwizard.com website with beautiful, comprehensive travel guides covering luxury travel and tours worldwide.
Michelin Guides   * * *

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This is the world famous Michelin Guides website. We take you to the English version. From there you can select the Italian, French, Spanish, or German version. They cover tourist information for all of Europe and the world. They have excellent maps and you can build personal itineraries with driving directions. A beautiful site, highly recommended.
My Travel Guide

This a very attractive travel guide and travel agency website. The travel destination information is provided by Columbus Press.  When you select a country, they have a lot of nice options for obtaining all kinds of information about it. They also have links to other sites, such as for news about the country and webcam locations. They cover all major categories related to the country.
National Geographic Traveler   * * *

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This is the National Geographic Traveler website.  They not only have wonderful on-line travel information but also publish National Geographic Guidebooks you can buy.  Their guidebooks not only have the usual travel information, but also wonderful color pictures and detailed cultural and historical information for the places they cover.
Nations Online - See  One World - Nations Online below.
New York Times Travel Section

Visit their on-line Travel Section or their Archives section that covers articles over the last year. They have teamed with Encyclopedia Britannica to supplement their own travel articles on destinations. However, you must pay to view and print those articles.  Travel articles for the last week are viewable and free. You must register with them to view anything. Registration is free.
One Bag


Travel Links

The Art and Science of Traveling Light.  We include them here (and as part of our Packing Topic) because they have a nice collection of interesting travel websites you might find helpful.
One World - Nations Online.   * * *

Country Guides

This site is an impartial guide to the world.  It promotes a peaceful, nonviolent coexistence of nations! "The challenge of the civilized world is, and will be, to find civilized solutions to solve its problems."  Clicking on Country Guides will take you to their excellent list of countries.
City Guides  K-O
MSN City Guides

A beautiful, easy-to-navigate website that covers major cities of the United States. Each city guide has extensive information of interest to local residents plus a Visitors Guide.

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