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Travel Newsgroups

Travel Newsgroups are one of many categories of newsgroups which you can join, and read and post messages, and from which you can download files.  You can either gain access to a newsgroup using a newsgroup reader or through your web browser.  Most newsgroup readers, such as the one that comes with Microsoft Outlook, are free as is also joining a newsgroup.  The most popular websites that host newsgroups have built Web gateways to let you participate in newsgroups via your normal web browser interface.

There are many travel-related newsgroups organized by specific travel topics (cruises, airlines, hotels, etc) or by destinations (e.g., Asia, Rome, Japan, etc.) There are plenty of opinions posted about people's good and bad travel experiences. You can also post questions or comments.  Especially helpful are postings by people who have recently been to a place you are planning to visit. A "posting" or "post" is a message written by someone that appears in a newsgroup.

Most newsgroup sites include a search option to look for a subject or keywords. You can search within a specific group or within all newsgroups.  If you are planning on going on a cruise to Alaska, you might want to go to the travel group and search for topics like "Alaska Cruises" or a specific cruise ship name you have heard about.

"Threads" are a sequence of messages about a specific subject that someone has initiated.  Most sites give you a tree structure view and you can see titles of each message and jump to any one of the message. You can read the messages or reply to them.  You do not have to normally subscribe to a newsgroup to read messages.  Google and others also let you create your own newsgroup.

Newsgroups are similar to discussion groups and blogs you can find on many travel websites.  The difference is that newsgroups are not tied to a single website.  Newsgroup are exchanged between newsgroup server computers.

To learn how to join and use newsgroups, see Google's Newsgroup Help and FAQ, the Wikipedia Newsgroup article, or Usenet's FAQ.
Finding Travel Newsgroups

Google Search for Travel Newsgroups.  A good list but if you have a specific topic in mind (e.g., Ireland Tourist Newsgroup or Airline Newsgroup) use those kind of search words to quickly find what you want.)

DMOZ Open Directory - Usenet.   Contains websites where you can learn about Usenet and also websites that have lists of newsgroups.

Newsville.com - Travel  They have a good list of travel newsgroups.

Tourism, Travel and Ecotourism Forums and Newsgroups   An excellent source of newsgroups and other ways to exchange ideas on tourism, travel and ecotourism.
Harley Hahn Master List of Usenet Newsgroups - Travel.   Although only a few are listed, use the search box to be more specific (e.g., airlines, Europe, etc.) to find a group.
Usenet.com  (Pay service) This well known site has an excellent selection of over 10,000 newsgroups.  You pay to gain access to a newsgroup with membership plans starting at $4.95/month.

Travel Newsgroups
We take you directly to some popular travel newsgroups

Google Groups-Travel  (Free service) Their Travel newsgroup has many categories covering travel topics.
Topica-Travel and Leisure (Free service)  Another excellent travel and leisure newsgroup site. 

Usenet.com  (Pay service) This well known site has an excellent selection of over 10,000 newsgroups.  You pay to gain access to a newsgroup with membership plans starting at $4.95/month the last time we checked. Includes downloads.
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