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Phileas Fogg and Passepartout approach the Swiss Alps

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Here are some of the best travel newsletters on the web.  All have some information on their websites as well as offer a free or subscription email newsletter.  Some also offer a subscription to a printed version via regular mail. 
Here are other travel news topics on our website and some comprehensive lists of travel newsletters.
More News Topics On Our Website:  Newspaper Travel Sections, Travel News, Travel Newsgroups, Travel Columnists and Travel Publications.
Yahoo! Travel Newsletters  Excellent list and links to travel newsletters.
DMOZ Magazines and E-zines  Use your browser
Find on this Page option and search for newsletter or search by a subject or title.
Newsletter Access - Travel newsletters.  n extensive list and links to travel newsletters.
*** Exceptional website
Internet Travel Tips- Newsletter.  This is Bob Cowen's website. He is a frequent flyer and experienced traveler.  An excellent source of travel news.  He has a free, email Travel Tips newsletter you can sign up for with the latest travel news and frequent flyer information.  He also teaches travel classes to business and organizations to show them how to save money and have a better travel experience. (free electronic subscription)
Budget Travel Email Newsletter Sign up for the latest travel news and advice for travelers from Frommer's, a well-known budget travel company.
Elliott.org  Chris Elliott's travel news, opinions and commentary website.  Practical advice for business and leisure travelers.  He also has a free email newsletter.
Entree Online This uncompromising and confidential luxury travel newsletter has practical advice for travelers who like honest, critical, and witty advice, written by experts who have been to the places that are written about. The website has some good information and some past articles. (monthly print subscriptions)
Fodor's NewsletterFree via email.  An excellent newsletter worth subscribing to if you travel widely or are preparing for that big trip each year. This is their link at the top of the page to: Subscribe to the Fodor's newsletter.  
Hidden Europe Newsletter. A free, 2-3 times a month email newsletter with excellent short reports on European travel, issues of language, culture, politics and social developments across Europe.
Joe Sent Me.  The latest business travel news, steals and deals, and interesting commentary by Joe Brancatelli.  An excellent list and links to Fellow Travelers - all the travel columnists on the web. This is good stuff for both business and leisure travelers.  (electronic and print subscriptions)
Lonely Planet Comet Newsletter.  This is the popular Lonely Planet monthly email newsletter.
MSNBC - Travel NewsletterMSNBC Travel features articles and photographs from leading travel writers, magazines and websites. Whether you are a frequent or occasionally traveler, you will find their free email newsletter helpful.
RudyMaxa.com.  The latest travel news, travel articles and interesting commentary by Rudy Maxa, also known as The Savvy Traveler.  Sample issues and some previous articles are free online. (paid electronic and print subscriptions-monthly) 
Terry Trippler and Associates.  Airline news, consulting services and a consumer-alert email.  They also publish the "Drive A Little - Save A Lot" book for showing real driving distances between airports and cities.
The Connected Traveler.  A wonderful website with a travel forum and a lot of useful travel information. "Travel writing, information, photography, forums, audio and video with a point of view" is their motto and they live up to it very well.
The Plane Truth.  Good newsletter by Frank Stewart about air travel.
Ticked.com.   An interesting website with a "This is how we see it attitude" that pulls no punches. Straightforward, honest commentary about the good, the bad, and the foolish that exists in the travel business today.  Good work! (electronic and print subscriptions)
Travel Daily News International*** An excellent, comprehensive daily newsletter for travel and tourism professionals worldwide.  As an individual tourist or travel, you can find out what is happening in a given country as far as tourism is concerned.
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